How To Clean Excavator Hydraulic Pump?

It is a crucial step to keep the excavator hydraulic pump clean to maintain optimal performance and lifespan. Regular cleaning helps prevent extra expenses such as repair or replacement costs, while also ensuring the reliable operation of the hydraulic system. In this article, we'll provide you with effective cleaning tips.

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9 Key Tips For Excavator Operation Safety In Spring

Spring is a prime time for frequent use of excavators, such as land preparation, cultivation, and construction. However, after a long winter storage, various fluids, lubrication, and some materials may have changed, making it essential to inspect the excavator thoroughly to ensure operation safety.

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Mini Excavators Or Skid Steers: What Is The Difference?

A mini excavator or skid steer? This article helps you make the right choice. As we all know the right equipment improves efficiency and saves time and money. If you are torn betwwen the mini excavator and skid steer, have a quick view of the info now, it must help a lot.

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Excavator Hydraulic Fluid 101: Have To Know These Things

When it comes to changing or adding hydraulic fluid to an excavator, it is crucial to know hydraulic fluid, and it's hard to imagine the consequences of using the wrong hydraulic oil. But by reading this blog, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of excavator hydraulic fluid, including its basics, types, functions, differences, and how to choose the right one. So without further ado, let's explore right away.

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How Does a Generator Work For Excavator?

Knowing how does a generator work beforehand can resolve generator issues, considering the substantial impact such problems can have on the excavator. When delving into the working principle of a generator, it may initially appear abstract and intricate, often leading to confusion with a battery. However,

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How to Add Hydraulic Fluid to Excavator (Beginner Recommended)

When it comes to excavators, we often associate them with dust and dirt, because they frequently operate in dusty environments, carrying heavy loads. Regularly adding hydraulic fluid to the excavator ensures the proper functioning of the hydraulic system and allows for the smooth operation of the machine.

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High-tech in Excavators

Recently, Equipmentworld summarized a series of excavators that have been equipped with different attachments and a number of black technologies to improve productivity, and came to the conclusion that excavators are becoming a tool carrier. Here's a list of what they're equipped with.

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How to maintain excavators in summer?

As the summer approaches, the heat will have a detrimental effect on the performance of the excavator. So, what should we pay attention to in order to maintain the performance of excavators? Besides the regular maintenance of the excavator, make sure that each component is inspected as well.

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The digger driver’s version of “using vitamin C in the morning, vitamin A at night”❗❗

"Using Vitamin C in the morning  and Vitamin A at night" become so popular recently. This wave appeals to different kinds of industries.So,what is the "morning C night A" for the digger drivers who wake up early and get up late every day?😎Come on, let's check it out!

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HitachiZX200-5A Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The ZX200-5A excavator features an imported high-quality and robust engine, equipped with a high-pressure common rail electronic injection system and cold EGR system, along with a Hitachi HIOSIII hydraulic system, which significantly improves fuel efficiency.

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