Hitachi ZX70-5A Excavator Info & Part Number Lookup

The Hitachi ZX70-5A excavator has an environmentally friendly engine equipped with EGR and meets the national 3-times emission standard. It delivers excellent operating performance when combined with efficient hydraulic technology.

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HitachiZX200-5A Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The ZX200-5A excavator features an imported high-quality and robust engine, equipped with a high-pressure common rail electronic injection system and cold EGR system, along with a Hitachi HIOSIII hydraulic system, which significantly improves fuel efficiency. Specification Power Traditional Power Bucket Backhoe Tonnage (tons) 20 Working weight of the whole machine (kg) 20200-20300 Bucket capacity (m³)

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Hitachi Excavator ZX70-5G Specification

Hitachi Construction Machinery is a world-leading manufacturer of construction equipment. Hitachi Construction Machinery is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, and sells its products throughout the world. Here are some important parameters of the Hitachi ZX70-5G excavator.        Hitachi ZX70-5G excavator parameter configuration Specification Machine working weight (kg) 6700 Bucket capacity (m³) 0.33 Tonnage

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