Hot weather continues this summer|ensure loader water tanks are maintained!

With summer here, are you maintaining your loader equipment water tank in accordance with the maintenance requirements? With these methods, you can better protect the water tank and prevent the high temperature in the tank from adversely affecting the equipment.

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Caterpillar Hydraulic 336 Excavator Info& Part Numbers Lookup

CAT's brand-new Cat® 336 hydraulic excavator has extended tracks as standard, providing strong digging power and competitive operating efficiency. Caterpillar's 336 excavator is powered by a C9.3B electronically controlled engine that delivers power and efficiency.

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Two Technical Methods to Increase Rotary Pile Bearing Capacity

The pile end resistance is directly proportional to the pile end bottom area in the same stratum. According to the premise of a constant pile diameter, increasing the bottom area of the pile end will greatly increase its end bearing capacity. In this way, the bottom-expanding drill bit is an effective technical method for improving the vertical bearing capacity and pullout resistance of a single pile.

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How to maintain excavators in summer?

As the summer approaches, the heat will have a detrimental effect on the performance of the excavator. So, what should we pay attention to in order to maintain the performance of excavators? Besides the regular maintenance of the excavator, make sure that each component is inspected as well.

Volvo EC30 Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The Volvo EC30 excavator has a working weight of 3090.3kg and a bucket capacity of 0.07 cubic meters. It adopts a Mitsubishi S3L2 engine with a rated power of 20kw/2400rpm, a displacement of 1.3L, and a 3-cylinder; the maximum digging radius of the stop surface is 4620mm and the fuel tank is 49L.

The digger driver’s version of “using vitamin C in the morning, vitamin A at night”❗❗

"Using Vitamin C in the morning  and Vitamin A at night" become so popular recently. This wave appeals to different kinds of industries.So,what is the "morning C night A" for the digger drivers who wake up early and get up late every day?😎Come on, let's check it out!

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How to maintain engine lubrication system

A lubrication system's primary function is to prevent friction between moving components. The oil circulation system utilizes a gear-type oil pump to draw oil from the oil pan. The oil passes through an oil cooler and filter prior to passing into the left and right camshaft oil galleries and main oil gallery respectively.

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A new era of excavators has begun | Kubota KX057-5, U55-5 Lookup

In 2021, Kubota shows the 13.1tons of conventional tail excavator and 6 tons of non-tail excavator series. Patrick Baker, the product manager from Kubota corporation said that:“According to the customers expectation...


A developer in California is testing Volvo Construction Equipment's electric excavators and wheel loaders to test their commitment to environmental sustainability and whether they can maintain a firm foothold on the construction site even in the event of a power outage. In a Southern California pilot project, Baltic Sands uses Volvo ECR25 electric compact excavators

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