Spring is a prime time for frequent use of excavators, such as land preparation, cultivation, and construction. However, after a long winter storage, various fluids, lubrication, and some materials may have changed, making it essential to inspect the excavator thoroughly to ensure operation safety.

excavator operation safety

Practical tips for excavator operation safety in spring

To ensure optimal performance of the excavator during spring construction, you can check the following things:

01 Machine

Inspect all components of the machine thoroughly for completeness and damage, and ensure all bolts are securely fastened. Check the bottom of the chassis and engine for oil stains or watermarks. Verify that the tension of the tracks is appropriate. Check the hydraulic pump area for oil leaks. Clean any lubricant or dust from the surface of the cylinder piston rod.

02 Electrical circuit

Due to improper winter storage in low temperatures, the battery may have lost charge. If the battery charge is low, it needs external charging or replacement with a fully charged battery. Also, inspect the entire vehicle circuit for signs of wear, aging, or cracking, and ensure that the fuses are intact. This allows for timely repair or replacement of wiring harnesses to ensure normal vehicle operation.

03 Fuel

Inspect the fuel tank or fuel tank filter to ensure they are normal and that there is sufficient fuel. If necessary, drain the fuel tank, and the water separator also needs to be drained. Carefully inspect the appearance of related pipe joints, pipelines, and filters to ensure there are no anomalies.

04 Oil

Check if the oil has deteriorated or become contaminated and ensure that the oil level is adequate. Ensure the quality of the oil to maintain good lubrication and avoid reducing engine life.

05 Intake

Check if the air filter is contaminated with water or debris. Thoroughly inspect the appearance of the intercooler and turbocharger to ensure that the connection joints, bolts, and pipe clamps are intact. Check the interior of the muffler for debris, such as soil or water. Also, inspect the exhaust pipe under the engine for blockages caused by soil or foreign objects.

06 Cooling

Check if the coolant has deteriorated or if there is insufficient coolant, and inspect the appearance of the radiator for leaks or damage.

07 Lubrication

Long-term storage can cause rust and sediment buildup on pivot pins, leading to poor lubrication. If not cleaned and lubricated promptly, it will increase wear between the pivot pins and bushings, possibly resulting in abnormal noise from the machine. Before starting the equipment, check the lubrication of the working device pivot pins and regrease them if necessary.

08 Circuit

The performance of the hydraulic system directly affects the efficiency of the equipment operation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the appropriate hydraulic oil according to the local temperature to ensure the longevity of the hydraulic system. Otherwise, it may not only affect the lifespan of the hydraulic system but also lead to equipment shutdown failures in severe cases.

09 Preheating operation

When the ambient temperature is below 3°C, thorough preheating is necessary. After starting the engine, adjust the fuel control button to the middle position between low speed (MN) and high speed (MAX) for preheating. At the same time, preheat the hydraulic system and travel motors until the engine coolant temperature reaches above 30°C before starting work.

Regularly check parts before excavator operation

Checking excavator parts regularly can save you costs, as repairs will incur greater expenses. If you are an excavator owner, you must have prepared spare excavator parts in your warehouse. It’s worth mentioning that the cost of DIY excavator repair will be lower than hiring professional replacements. To ensure excavator operation safety, please collaborate with reliable construction parts experts.

Excavator parts supplier

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