FridayParts Cooling Month Sale 2022 Guide-Get the best deal

Summer is the time when people spend their time outdoors and create activities along with the warm weather. It’s a time we all look forward to and look back fondly on. FridayParts Cooling Month Sale offers a variety of cooling system parts, and discounts available on all parts. You will get $20 off for every $199 you pay. The more you buy, the more you save. Besides, for the first 200 orders, there are also giveaways.

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Two Technical Methods to Increase Rotary Pile Bearing Capacity

The pile end resistance is directly proportional to the pile end bottom area in the same stratum. According to the premise of a constant pile diameter, increasing the bottom area of the pile end will greatly increase its end bearing capacity. In this way, the bottom-expanding drill bit is an effective technical method for improving the vertical bearing capacity and pullout resistance of a single pile.

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