Cat 259d Vs 259d3: How To Choose?

When choosing between Cat compact track loaders, such as the Cat 259D and Cat 259D3, you may find yourself torn between their features. Both models are favored for their impressive capabilities and are reliable choices for heavy-duty construction operations. So, Cat 259D vs 259D3, which one is better? There are subtle differences between them that may influence your decision. Let's delve into the factors to consider, including performance, usability, maintenance, and comfort.

Cat 259D3 Compact Track Loader Info & Parts Lookup

When considering investing in the Cat 259D3 compact track loader, several factors come into play that will ultimately determine your purchase. Having a quick view of these specifications will help you make a swift decision on whether to make the purchase. Plus, if you want to get cost-effective replacement parts, you can find them here.

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Caterpillar 312GC Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The Cat ® 312 GC Exacavator delivers excellent performance and lower operating costs. Unmatched versatility, improved controllability, easy operation and a comfortable operator station help to make the 312 GC Excavator an industryleading performer.

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High-tech in Excavators

Recently, Equipmentworld summarized a series of excavators that have been equipped with different attachments and a number of black technologies to improve productivity, and came to the conclusion that excavators are becoming a tool carrier. Here's a list of what they're equipped with.

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Caterpillar Hydraulic 336 Excavator Info& Part Numbers Lookup

CAT's brand-new Cat® 336 hydraulic excavator has extended tracks as standard, providing strong digging power and competitive operating efficiency. Caterpillar's 336 excavator is powered by a C9.3B electronically controlled engine that delivers power and efficiency.

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How to maintain engine lubrication system

A lubrication system's primary function is to prevent friction between moving components. The oil circulation system utilizes a gear-type oil pump to draw oil from the oil pan. The oil passes through an oil cooler and filter prior to passing into the left and right camshaft oil galleries and main oil gallery respectively.

Caterpillar 307 Mini Hydraulic Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The Cat 307 Mini Hydraulic Excavator is powered by a Cat® C2.4 direct injection engine, which reduces fuel consumption and operating costs, while being 15% more efficient than previous models. The "High Precision Hydraulic" Cat 307 is efficient, precise, and controllable.

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Caterpillar 966GC Loader Info & Part Numbers LookUp

A new Caterpillar 966 GC Wheel Loader is affordable and easy to operate. The Performance Series buckets have intuitive controls, load-sensing hydraulics, and low fuel consumption. The machine provides an ideal tool for a wide variety of applications.

Cat 315 GC Excavator: All the Details! Reviews, Features, More

Compared with the previous generation Cat 315F, the Cat 315GC excavator has a wider field of vision and a lower maintenance cost. There is a 25% reduction in maintenance costs and a 15% reduction in fuel consumption.

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