Komatsu PC58-8 Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

Komatsu's PC58-8 excavator is easy to operate and maintain. Its scientifically designed configuration helps it maintain its quality. A wide range of parts in the walking device have been strengthened to make it more reliable. Specification Power traditional power Bucket backhoe Tonnage (tons) 5 Working weight of the whole machine (kg) 5400 Bucket width(mm) 725

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Doosan DX220LC-9C ACE Excavator Info & Part Numbers LookUp

The Doosan DX220LC-9C ACE excavator is equipped with a large bucket capacity of 1.05m³ to meet the demand for excavator output in urban operations. In small mines and large-scale demolition projects, it becomes a crushing expert, and the lengthened and widened chassis design makes it more stable to deal with complex terrain environments.

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Caterpillar 966GC Loader Info & Part Numbers LookUp

A new Caterpillar 966 GC Wheel Loader is affordable and easy to operate. The Performance Series buckets have intuitive controls, load-sensing hydraulics, and low fuel consumption. The machine provides an ideal tool for a wide variety of applications.

A new era of excavators has begun | Kubota KX057-5, U55-5 Lookup

In 2021, Kubota shows the 13.1tons of conventional tail excavator and 6 tons of non-tail excavator series. Patrick Baker, the product manager from Kubota corporation said that:“According to the customers expectation...


A developer in California is testing Volvo Construction Equipment's electric excavators and wheel loaders to test their commitment to environmental sustainability and whether they can maintain a firm foothold on the construction site even in the event of a power outage. In a Southern California pilot project, Baltic Sands uses Volvo ECR25 electric compact excavators

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Volvo EC60D Excavator Parameter Configuration&Related Parts Shop Links

Volvo EC60D Excavator Parameter Configuration Specification power traditional power bucket backhoe Tonnage (tons) 6 The working weight of the whole machine (kg) 5580 Bucket width (mm) 850 Bucket capacity (m³) 0.23 Performance Rotation speed (rpm) 9 Rotation torque (kN/m) 11 Walking speed (km/h) 2.6/4.3 Ground pressure (Kpa) 31.8 Bucket digging force (kN) 42.3 Stick digging

Komatsu PC200-8 Excavator Parameter Configuration

Komatsu PC200-8 excavator includes high productivity and high economy. It includes a high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection system, precise combustion control, a CLSS hydraulic system, which ensures fast, accurate work; a 7-inch LCD color monitor, which ensures the safety of the equipment. Specification Bucket Backhoe Machine working weight (kg) 19900 Bucket capacity (m³) 0.8 Boom length

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