How to maintain engine lubrication system

A lubrication system's primary function is to prevent friction between moving components. The oil circulation system utilizes a gear-type oil pump to draw oil from the oil pan. The oil passes through an oil cooler and filter prior to passing into the left and right camshaft oil galleries and main oil gallery respectively.

How to maintain an excavator: 20 tips to consider

How to maintain your engine?1.Regular inspection and replacement of oil and oil filter.The air filter element should be checked frequently. It is impossible to blow the dust out of the outer filter element with compressed air if the outer filter element has been dusty for a long time.

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Doosan DX220LC-9C ACE Excavator Info & Part Numbers LookUp

The Doosan DX220LC-9C ACE excavator is equipped with a large bucket capacity of 1.05m³ to meet the demand for excavator output in urban operations. In small mines and large-scale demolition projects, it becomes a crushing expert, and the lengthened and widened chassis design makes it more stable to deal with complex terrain environments.

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A new era of excavators has begun | Kubota KX057-5, U55-5 Lookup

In 2021, Kubota shows the 13.1tons of conventional tail excavator and 6 tons of non-tail excavator series. Patrick Baker, the product manager from Kubota corporation said that:“According to the customers expectation...

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A developer in California is testing Volvo Construction Equipment's electric excavators and wheel loaders to test their commitment to environmental sustainability and whether they can maintain a firm foothold on the construction site even in the event of a power outage. In a Southern California pilot project, Baltic Sands uses Volvo ECR25 electric compact excavators

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Komatsu PC200-8 Excavator Parameter Configuration

Komatsu PC200-8 excavator includes high productivity and high economy. It includes a high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection system, precise combustion control, a CLSS hydraulic system, which ensures fast, accurate work; a 7-inch LCD color monitor, which ensures the safety of the equipment. Specification Bucket Backhoe Machine working weight (kg) 19900 Bucket capacity (m³) 0.8 Boom length

Volvo Designed An Incredible ElectroHydraulic System

Volvo Construction Equipment's teams in Sweden and South Korea have been quietly working with Norrhydro to develop an electrohydraulic system that is expected to reduce energy losses and improve the fuel efficiency of excavators. Adding hydraulic power to the hydraulic accumulator (located at the rear of the excavator) increases performance and decreases fuel consumption. All

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