Komatsu’s PC58-8 excavator is easy to operate and maintain. Its scientifically designed configuration helps it maintain its quality. A wide range of parts in the walking device have been strengthened to make it more reliable.

Power traditional power
Bucket backhoe
Tonnage (tons) 5
Working weight of the whole machine (kg) 5400
Bucket width(mm) 725
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.23
Boom length (mm) 2900
Stick length (mm) 1640
Rotation speed (rpm) 9.0
Walking speed (km/h) 4.1/2.6
Ground specific pressure (Kpa) 30.8
Bucket Digging Force (kN) 39
Digging force of stick (kN) 23.9
Maximum traction force (kN) 42
Power System
Engine Model S4D87E-1
Rated power (kw/rpm) 36/2300
Displacement (L) 2.434
Number of cylinders (pcs) 4
Bore diameter × stroke (mm) 87*102.4
Cooling method water cooling
Hydraulic system
Main Pump Type Variable displacement piston pump
Maximum flow of main pump (l/min) 146
Pilot oil circuit (MPa) 3.7
Working hydraulic oil circuit (Mpa) 26.5
Walking hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 26.5
Swing hydraulic circuit (Mpa ) 19.6
Boom Cylinder-Number×Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 1-90*686
Stick Cylinder-Number×Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 1-85*709.5
Bucket Cylinder-Number×Cylinder Bore×Stroke(mm) 1-75*580
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 120
Hydraulic tank (L) 55
Engine oil replacement amount (L) 9.7
Body Size
Total length of transport (mm) 5935
Overall width for transportation (mm) 1960
Overall transport height (mm) 2550
Track grounding length (mm) 1980
Total length of track(mm) 2500
Track shoe width (mm) 400
Track gauge (mm) 1560
Minimum ground clearance (mm ) 320
Back end turning radius (mm ) 1650
Number of carrier rollers (one side) (pcs) 1
Number of track shoes (one side) (pcs) 39
Number of rollers (one side) (pcs) 5
Scope of Work
Maximum excavation radius (mm) 6120
Maximum digging radius of parking surface (mm) 5950
Maximum excavation depth (mm) 3800
Maximum excavation height (mm) 5850
Maximum unloading height (mm) 4160
Maximum vertical excavation depth (mm) 3020
Bulldozer width × height (mm) High 355
Bulldozer lift or push depth (mm) 430/330

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