How to maintain your engine?

  1. Regular inspection and replacement of oil and oil filter.
  2. The air filter element should be checked frequently. It is impossible to blow the dust out of the outer filter element with compressed air if the outer filter element has been dusty for a long time. The inner filter cannot be cleaned. After the outer filter has been cleaned two or three times, the inner filter needs to be replaced.
  3. It is best to get diesel at regular gas stations, and it needs to be filtered before it is added (the more common method is to put socks on the fuel filler).
  4. In order to prevent carbon buildup, do not use idle speed for a long period of time to conserve oil.

How to maintain hydraulic system?

  1. Check and replace hydraulic oil, return oil filter, and pilot filter regularly.
  2. Add hydraulic oil promptly once it runs out.
  3. Make sure to exclude air when changing hydraulic oil.

How to maintain electrical system?

  1. Excavators cannot operate in water.
  2. Avoid stacking sundries in the battery box to prevent fires.
  3. The fuse should not be replaced with iron wire or copper wire, and it should not be replaced with a substandard fuse.
  4. Whenever the excavator is parked, unplug the battery cable to avoid power loss.

How to maintain mechanical system?

  1. Regularly replace the gear oil in the excavator’s rotary reducer and walking reducer.
  2. Make sure the axle pin part is clean and butter is applied.
  3. You need to replace the butter in the rotary gear ring when you work in water.
  4. The cylinder head needs to be protected from rust.
  5. When the excavator is parked for a long time, butter should be applied to the exposed parts to prevent rust.

How to maintain excavator’s structure?

  1. Ensure that the excavator’s pin bolts are not loose, falling off, or missing every day, and tighten them on time.
  2. Make sure the structure does not crack or deform every day.
  3. When parking the excavator, be aware of the surroundings, park it on solid and stable ground, and do not park on the edge of the river, cliff edge, or hillside.
  4. When the excavator is parked, the bucket cylinder is fully retracted, and the bucket falls to the ground to prevent damage to the cylinder.

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