CAT’s brand-new Cat® 336 hydraulic excavator has extended tracks as standard, providing strong digging power and competitive operating efficiency. Caterpillar’s 336 excavator is powered by a C9.3B electronically controlled engine that delivers power and efficiency.

Power Traditional Power
Bucket Backhoe
Tonnage (ton) 36
Operating weight of the whole machine(kg) 36200
Bucket capacity(m³) 2.1
Length of moving arm(mm) 6500
Length of bucket rod(mm) 3200
Rotation speed(rpm) 8.75
Rotation torque(Nm) 144
Traveling speed(km/h) 4.7
Climbing capacity (%) 70
Bucket digging force(kN) 211
Bucket rod digging force(kN) 167
Maximum traction force (kN) 295
Power System
Engine Model C9.3B
Rated power(kw/rpm) 234/1800
Displacement(L) 9.3
Cylinder diameter×stroke(mm) 115*149
Hydraulic System
Maximum flow rate of main pump(l/min) 558
Working hydraulic oil circuit(Mpa) 38
Traveling hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 35
Slewing hydraulic circuit (Mpa ) 29.4
Main overflow setting pressure (Mpa) 35
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 600
Hydraulic oil tank(L) 153
Hydraulic system(L) 373
Engine oil change volume (L) 32
Coolant (L ) 40
Main body Size
Total transport length(mm) 11170
Total width of transportation(mm) 3190
Total transport height(mm) 3170
Track gauge(mm) 2590
Minimum ground clearance(mm ) 510
Counterweight ground clearance(mm) 1250
Center distance of supporting wheel(mm) 4040
Rear end turning radius(mm ) 3530
Scope of work
Maximum digging radius of stopping surface(mm) 11050
Maximum digging depth(mm) 7520
Maximum digging height(mm) 10300
Maximum unloading height(mm) 7080
Maximum vertical digging depth(mm) 5660
Maximum effective digging depth(mm) 7360

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