Komatsu PC200-8 excavator includes high productivity and high economy. It includes a high-pressure Common Rail Fuel Injection system, precise combustion control, a CLSS hydraulic system, which ensures fast, accurate work; a 7-inch LCD color monitor, which ensures the safety of the equipment.

Bucket Backhoe
Machine working weight (kg) 19900
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.8
Boom length (mm) 5700
Stick length (mm) 2925
Tonnage (tons) 20
Rotation speed (rpm) 12.4
Walking speed (km/h) 3.0/4.1/5.5
Gradeability (%) 70/35°
Ground pressure (Kpa) 44.1
Bucket digging force (kN) 149
Stick digging force (kN)  108
Power System
Engine model Komatsu SAA6D107E-1
Rated power (kw/rpm) 110/2000
Displacement (L) 6.69
Working form 6-cylinder, direct injection, turbocharged, after-cooling engine; meets 2006EPA/Tier3 and EUIIIA standards.
Hydraulic System
Traveling hydraulic motor type axial piston motor × 2 (with parking brake)
Swing hydraulic motor type axial piston motor×1 (with swing holding valve)
Maximum flow of main pump (l/min) 439
Walking hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 37.3
Swing hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 28.9
Control hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 3.2 Pilot oil circuit
Boom cylinder-number×bore×stroke (mm) 120×1334×85
Stick cylinder-number×bore×stroke (mm) 135×1490×95
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 400
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 135
Engine oil replacement amount (L) 23.1
Coolant (L) 20.4
Body Size
Total transport length (mm) 9480
Total transport width (mm) 2800
Total transport height (mm) 3040
Overall height of cab (mm) 3040
Track ground length (mm) 3275
Total track length (mm) 4070
Track shoe width (mm) 600
Total track width (mm) 2800
Track gauge (mm) 2200
Counterweight ground clearance (mm) 1085
Minimum ground clearance (mm) 440
Back end radius of gyration (mm) 2710


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Part Name Part Number Link
Fuel Injector 5268408, 0445120059, 4025249, 5263307
Operator Cab
Door Lock
Throttle Cable
Relief Valve
Pilot Valve Seal Kit
Swivel Joint Seal Kit
Swing Motor Seal Kit
Main Pump Seal Kit
Swing motor Reduction Gear Box Assembly 20Y-26-00232, 20Y2600232
Fuel Pump 6754-71-1012
Speed Sensor 6754-91-9200
Oil Pump 3971544
Cylinder Head 3977225, 6754-11-1211, 6754111211, 6754-11-1101, 6754-11-1210, 6754-11-1102
Diesel Filter 6754-79-6140
Hydraulic Pump Assy 708-2L-00400
Idler 20Y-30-43310
Condenser 20Y-810-1221
Oil Cooler 20Y-03-42560
Turbocharger 4048808
Muffler 6754-11-5340
Water Separator 600-319-3610