Volvo EC60D Excavator Parameter Configuration&Related Parts Shop Links

Volvo EC60D Excavator Parameter Configuration Specification power traditional power bucket backhoe Tonnage (tons) 6 The working weight of the whole machine (kg) 5580 Bucket width (mm) 850 Bucket capacity (m³) 0.23 Performance Rotation speed (rpm) 9 Rotation torque (kN/m) 11 Walking speed (km/h) 2.6/4.3 Ground pressure (Kpa) 31.8 Bucket digging force (kN) 42.3 Stick digging

How to check the speed drop of the excavator

First, test the output power of the engine itself. Following parts you may need to check air valves fuel injectors turbocharger hydraulic pump If the output power of the engine is lower than the rated power, the causes of the failure are as follows: Poor fuel quality; Low fuel pressure;

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Excavator Failure Checklist

The diesel filter element is frequently blocked: Check whether the coarse filter is clogged and clean it up in time. Otherwise, the coarse debris cannot be filtered, which will easily cause the clogging of the fine filter. Air conditioning airflow becomes weak: To check whether the air inlet filter element is blocked. The engine

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