FridayParts Donated to UNICEF of USD$500 in March, 2024 | FridayParts Global Care Program

During the spring plowing season of 2024, we continue our donation of $500 to UNICEF. We deeply appreciate our customers' support for our off-road machinery aftermarket parts, and we also aim to assist children who are suffering. At FridayParts, we firmly believe that children are the hope of a nation. And we pledge to continue monthly donations in the future, hoping to make a difference in their lives.

FridayParts Donation to UNICEF with USD$500 in December 2023 | FridayParts Global Care Program

UNICEF is facing rising needs and shrinking donor resources, according to the UNICEF. FridayParts will continue to donate to UNICEF and contribute a little bit to children in need. Especially when many hostile incidents are still taking place, resulting in the injury and death of countless children, we deeply feel that the impact of war on children requires attention and concern.

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