A developer in California is testing Volvo Construction Equipment's electric excavators and wheel loaders to test their commitment to environmental sustainability and whether they can maintain a firm foothold on the construction site even in the event of a power outage. In a Southern California pilot project, Baltic Sands uses Volvo ECR25 electric compact excavators

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The exhibits of Caterpillar, Komatsu, Hitachi, Sandvik at MINIExpo 2021

The opening ceremony for MINEExpo202 took place on 13th September, American local time, which was delayed from 2020.  As the world's largest mining exhibition, there are a variety of important industries related to mining, such as mining exploration, weather forecasting, underground mining, processing, security, and environment improvement. Meanwhile, it also includes all the world's top

CAT 329D Equipment Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The Cat 329D engine, C7 with ACERT technology delivers higher engine power and runs at lower speeds, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear. Cat C7 uses electronic controls to manage the mechanical electronic unit injector (MEUI) system. Multi-point injection fuel delivery provides high-precision injection. Precisely tailoring the combustion cycle can reduce the

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What Cause A Hydraulic Pumping System Failure?

Hydraulic system is one of the most common parts of heavy machinery, not only excavators but also lifting equipment, mining machines, and other heavy equipment. There is no denying that the hydraulic pumping system is easy to control and helps machine owners reduce around 80% of oil consumption than pneumatic systems, however, the maintenance costs

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How to repair excavator water pump?

The water pump plays an essential role in the heavy equipment cooling system. The cooling system and the diesel engine cannot function properly without a good quality water pump because of the overheating problem. Many customers complain to us that the equipment often breaks down due to overheating, especially in hot weather. They usually

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Maintenance Tips For Final Drive

The final drive is a vital component for all types of heavy equipment, which consists of two main parts involving hydraulic motor and gearbox. The main use of the final drive is to transfer the power to the machine undercarriage tracks. We sometimes receive questions from clients asking if they need to replace their

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Protect your construction equipment from sunlight

As winter goes by, the weather begins to get hot. Have you started to get your machine ready for the scorching weather? Storage Overheat is one of the major issues that can increase machine downtime. Hence, storage is a problem that should be considered by every machine owner. FridayParts would like to recommend you

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Why does your hydraulic excavator run slow?

For most hydraulic excavators, the operating speed is inversely proportional to the load during digging. However, if the hydraulic pump control system is malfunctioning, the excavator cannot work efficiently under different working conditions. Therefore it is essential to know the excavator control system from different manufacturers, such as Komatsu CLSS system, CAT electronic power control system......

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Do you need to replace the cylinder seal kits?

Hydraulic oil leakage is a significant symptom of serious underlying issues, like weak digging force and slow-moving/working. If you find there is little oil stain/oil ring on the cylinder or the accumulation of dust or impurities on the cylinder rod, that means you are facing the problem of a leaking oil cylinder or a

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