In appreciation of customer support for FridayParts, we’re glad to announce an exciting opportunity for you. Through a well-communicated decision, we’ve launched a captivating activity where every customer can win our free order rewards by sharing photos and videos! A whopping $300 worth of FridayParts free order – a truly enticing reward. Don’t miss out on this rare chance! Let’s quickly dive into the rules, don’t let it slip away! Take action now!

FridayParts free order activity

FridayParts free order participation rules

Yes, we’ve ensured that almost everyone can participate. Simply put, if you’ve purchased parts from and have photos or videos of these parts, you qualify. Isn’t it straightforward? If you haven’t documented your parts yet, it’s time to grab your favorite device and start capturing those moments. It’s not just about sharing; it’s also about providing a better understanding of the practical usage of the parts. This is a fantastic opportunity, so seize it and enjoy the thrill of winning free orders! We encourage every FridayParts friend to join in and share their stories.

FridayParts free order activity rules

1. Participation is easy. Click the activity post and share photos or videos of your FridayParts products in the comments, adding the hashtag #FridayPartsFreeDeal. Importantly, ensure our FridayParts logo or packaging is prominently featured, showcasing the quality and functionality of the parts.

FridayParts free order activity on Facebook

2. The comment with the highest number of likes on your FridayParts product photo or video wins.

As a result, winning a free order is a piece of cake! We are eagerly looking forward to experiencing the uniqueness of FridayParts products through your photos and videos.

Unlock your free order from February to April

Activity time: Each month from February to April 2024, we will select one lucky customer (with the highest likes on their comment).

Announcement Date: Winners will be announced on the first day of each month, and they will be honored to receive our free order, valued at up to $300! An exciting reward, isn’t it?


Here, we want to emphasize vigilance against scam activities. We will never ask winners for credit card information or request them to visit links. Please verify the legitimacy of our messages and comments to ensure a secure participation experience. If you are unsure, you can contact us or send an email(, and wait for our reply before taking the next steps.

Final thoughts

Don’t miss this exceptional opportunity! Join our FridayParts product sharing activity. Use your creativity to win a $300 free order. We look forward to seeing your fantastic creations. Remember to tag us with #FridayPartsFreeDeal #FridayParts #ProductShare #FreeOrder.

If you didn’t get this free order chance, don’t be disheartened. We still have plenty of activities. Click here to get valuable coupons. Whether you’re a registered customer or a visitor, you can use our coupons as long as your order meets the conditions. (Please be mindful of the coupon expiration dates!)

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If you have some great ideas, welcome to leave a comment. Lastly, we hope you’re lucky to snag this free order worth $300.