This is a comprehensive guide on effectively utilizing coupons to maximize savings. Many stores, both physical and online, have enticing coupons prepared for you. Learning the correct usage will benefit you greatly. If you’ve found coupon usage unsatisfactory after each purchase, worry not; read and bookmark this guide. It’s a compilation from our sales experts, providing step-by-step assistance.

In this article, I’ve categorized your coupon acquisition into three types: first-time subscribing customers, guest customers, and logged-in customers. This means you have three methods of obtaining coupons, and I will detail each for you below. Choose the corresponding steps based on your situation.

For newer: how to use coupons can save a lot?

First-time subscribing customers can click on the coupon entrance below. As you can see in the image, enter your “email address” and then click “SIGN UP NOW” Additionally, you can also read the privacy policy button in the bottom left corner to obtain the coupon you desire.

Coupon Entrance:

subscribe now


1st step: Open the coupons link and read the privacy policy

2nd step: Enter your “email address”, and click the buttonSIGN UP NOW. If you saw “Thank you for your subscription”, it means you got the coupons successfully.

subscribe successfully

3rd step: Check your subscribe email box, you will receive the email with the coupon code and its application (Subtotal equals or greater than US$500).

email received coupon code

4th step: ClickContinue Shoppingand explore what you need.

5th step: Add your items to the cart, and go to checkout.

shopping cart

6th step: You may need to complete your shipping information and payment method. After that, shift your focus to the “APPLY DISCOUNT CODE” section below and click it. Enter the code (refer to your email, you received them) and apply the discount.

go to checkout and discount use

7th step: Click the button “Place Order”, and you will see the image text.

place order successfully

How to use coupons can save a lot for guest and login customers?

The coupon usage steps for guest customers and logged-in customers are similar to those for first-time subscribing customers. (For a detailed place order process, please refer to the above; it’s just the method of obtaining coupons that varies.)

For guest customers

Coupon Entrance:,You can find them in the middle of the page. Copy the code below the coupon based on your identity (CLICK TO COPY CODE in the yellow background).

Guest customer coupons

Guest customer coupons

You can use the following four options if you are a Guest Customer. These coupon package valued at $200, and are applicable for purchasing aftermarket parts for major brands like Bobcat, Kubota, John Deere, and more.

Guest customers’ coupons and their conditions of use

Coupon Amount Order Amount
$20 Over $199
$30 Over $299
$50    Over $499
$100 Over $999

Quick steps

1: Click on the coupon entrance to enter.

2: Below the coupon page, you can directly access product categories or log in according to your needs.

3: Add your products to the shopping cart; if there are multiple items, you can select them before proceeding to checkout.

4: If the shopping cart is ready, please go to checkout. Complete your address and payment method. Confirm which coupon amount to use based on the total.

5: Enter the coupon code and click “apply discount.” You can see the details of the amount in the right-side order summary.

discount successfully

6: Finally, click the “Place Order” button.

For logged-in customers

There are two additional options for coupons compared to guest customers.

logged-in customer coupons

Coupons and their conditions of use

Coupon Amount Order Amount
$20 Over $199
$30 Over $299
$40 Over $399
$50 Over $499
$60  Over $599
$100 Over $999

Steps to use coupons for login customers

First: Click on the coupon entrance to enter, choose the desired coupon, or complete your shopping cart.

Second: Click “shop now” or visit our website: Browse our parts or use the search bar to quickly find specific items.

Third: Add the needed parts to your shopping cart and review the total amount.

Fourth: Based on the total amount, select a coupon, copy the coupon code to the checkout page, and then apply it. Remember to check if the coupon has been successfully applied before clicking “place order.”

Fifth: You can now place the order. If you see the words “Your order has been placed, thanks,” it means your order is successfully processed.

Hope it helps you and you can shop for aftermarket parts at great prices. If you have other questions, welcome to contact us.