Since September 2021, FridayParts has consistently upheld its commitment to donation, and now, entering the year 2024, we continue this initiative. In January 2024, we donated $500 to the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) as an expression of gratitude to our customers. We also hope to extend help to children born amidst the horrors of war.

Baby in war needs help

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Pregnant Women and Newborns

In the escalating warfare, pregnant women bear the brunt of ruthless destruction and fear. Many have experienced miscarriages due to the harsh conditions of war. Additionally, Nurse Weybda delivered babies for several deceased women. Here are some examples from UNICEF:

Iman, eight months pregnant, faced an attack on the streets of Gaza City. A month after a cesarean section due to severe infection, she remains hospitalized, unable to hold her newborn.

Marzael’s residence in the central region was attacked, and about a month later, she confirmed her baby’s demise. She continues to wait for medical care.

Amile, six months pregnant, was buried under rubble. Despite initial concerns about the baby’s well-being, a healthy birth eventually took place.

Pregnant women and children are innocent victims of war, enduring immense suffering. With tens of thousands of infants being born in this terrifying conflict, it prompts reflection on the meaning of existence and emphasizes the importance of peace and harmony. We all hope to end these wars and reduce the loss of innocent lives.

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Urgent Humanitarian Crisis

The collapse of healthcare systems leaves pregnant women facing unimaginable challenges during prenatal check-ups, childbirth, and postnatal care. War-induced prolonged stress and fear contribute to miscarriages.

Inhumane living conditions compel pregnant and lactating women, as well as infants, to face issues of malnutrition. Pregnant women require adequate nutrition for their own and their fetus’s health, while lactating women need nutrition to provide proper breastfeeding, ensuring the child’s healthy development.

Displacement forces pregnant women and newborns to become refugees, struggling to meet basic survival needs such as food, water, and a safe dwelling.

In these challenging circumstances, the international community must unite efforts to ensure that pregnant women and newborns in Gaza receive essential medical, nutritional, and humanitarian aid.

FridayParts’ Donation to UNICEF

FridayParts aims to make monthly donations to aid children in distress, providing crucial medical assistance, nutritional support, shelter, sanitary facilities, and other essential survival items.


Donations can be utilized to provide emergency, prenatal, and postnatal care and other urgent medical services.

Nutritional support collapsed healthcare systems

War-induced food shortages make adequate nutrition crucial for pregnant women and newborns. UNICEF can use the funds to provide food, vitamins, and nutritional supplements.

Shelter and safety facilities

With many families displaced by war, secure housing and safety facilities are crucial for protecting the lives of pregnant women and newborns.

Sanitary facilities and clean water sources

War exacerbates hygiene conditions, increasing the risk of disease transmission. Donations can be used to provide clean water sources, sanitary facilities, and hygiene products, reducing the risk of disease.

FridayParts Donation to UNICEF

FridayParts donation to UNICEF in January, 2024

We firmly believe that our modest donation can assist UNICEF in effectively utilizing funds to help the affected communities. And FridayParts will continue to donate to UNICEF, hoping to help children in war, improving their living conditions and health.

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