Spend seven days graffitiing a 55-ton crane!

Liebherr LTM1055 graffiti version

The crane owner wanted his crane to be unique, so he painted it a completely different color. See what the final result looks like in the following pictures!

The first step in the modification is to spray a dark red primer on the arm pins, arms, and crane turntable section.

The front cab part is painted with white primer, and the body is painted with two colors.

He sprayed his own exclusive design of letters on the front part of the crane and the turntable, next to the base arm. It looks very cool!!

It is monotonous just with the color alone, so he created another creation on the paint. It is a dark graffiti pattern on the left cab, and a realistic portrait pattern on the right cab. Even the counterweight block is included in the graffiti range, full of details.

In the warehouse, he worked for seven days mixing paints and fine-tuning pattern details until he had the finished product!

He called this pattern the eye of God on Liebherr’s logo! He is quite proud of the design of the whole car at this time, after all, they have the local crane circle with a graffiti style crane for the first time!

*This article is excerpted from Bobcat, for readers’ reference only.