During the spring plowing season of 2024, we continue our donation of $500 to UNICEF. We deeply appreciate our customers’ support for our off-road machinery aftermarket parts, and we also aim to assist children who are suffering. At FridayParts, we firmly believe that children are the hope of a nation. And we pledge to continue monthly donations in the future, hoping to make a difference in their lives.

Today, we want to share with you the ongoing crisis of war, such as in Gaza, on the Earth’s equator. Here, you can see the devastating impact of war on their lives and the problems they face. After reading, you will hopefully appreciate the current peace we enjoy, and understand the importance of joining hands to advocate for peace.

Kids in war

Image source: UNI501984/Al-Qattaa

Children as Victims of War

War has turned Gaza into hell, where both adults and children sleep on the streets under dilapidated tents. It’s hard to imagine these once shelters now in tatters. Before the war, less than 1% of children under five suffered from acute malnutrition in Gaza, but now, malnourished children are widespread. Every three out of two-year-old children suffer from severe malnutrition. In Rafah, these children must compete with about 3,600 people for a chance to shower, illustrating the dire circumstances they face.

In war-torn Yemen, which has been embroiled in conflict for nine years, over 11,500 children have died or been injured since the conflict began in 2015. Among them, 3,900 children have died, and 7,600 have been disabled. Currently, tens of millions of children require aid, with 49% of children under five suffering from stunted growth or chronic malnutrition. Prolonged malnutrition may pose a threat to future generations.

Challenges Faced


Makeshift and rundown shelters offer little protection against harsh weather and attacks.

Limited Medical Resources

Medical resources are scarce and difficult to access.

Delivery of Aid Supplies

War disrupts the transportation of supplies, blocking channels for food distribution in Gaza. Their dignity is being stripped away.

Data source: https://www.unicef.org/

FridayParts Donated to UNICEF

In March 2024, FridayParts donates $500 to UNICEF, hoping to make a difference. We are committed to this meaningful initiative and will continue to expand our business to provide more assistance to children. Our OEM-quality parts and excellent service will attract more like-minded partners. Also, we will regularly share the plight of children and appeal for more people to join us. Lastly, “a ceasefire must be substantive, not symbolic.” We hope UNICEF will have more partners to protect families and save lives.

FridayParts donated to UNICEF

FridayParts donated to UNICEF

Final Thoughts

Indeed, as you can see, war is terrifying. We hope no nation ever finds itself embroiled in war, where the sounds of laughter and joy are drowned out by screams and gunfire. We urge more people to join efforts against war and advocate for peace. If you’re interested in FridayParts’ Global Care Program, you can join us or support our aftermarket parts. We would be deeply grateful. Finally, we will persevere in this care program and help more children.

Reference: UNICEF