In December, FridayParts donated $500 to UNICEF, expressing gratitude to our valued customers and supporting children in need. In the future, we will stay true to our mission and commit to making monthly donations.

UNICEF is facing rising needs and shrinking donor resources, according to the UNICEF. FridayParts will continue to donate to UNICEF and contribute a little bit to children in need. Especially when many hostile incidents are still taking place, resulting in the injury and death of countless children, we deeply feel that the impact of war on children requires attention and concern.

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Source: UNICEF/UNI485696/El Baba

Hostilities escalate in Gaza Strip

The escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip has led to dire conditions for children. These children have suffered huge casualties and trauma and have become innocent victims of the conflict. Many children have lost their homes, been forced to flee safe environments and face threats to their lives and health.

As UNICEF puts it, Gaza has become “graveyard for children and a living hell for everyone else.” The hostilities in the Gaza Strip have also led to the destruction of infrastructure, including water and sanitation facilities. This puts children at risk from lack of clean water and sanitation, increasing the incidence of waterborne diseases and respiratory infections. Children’s health deteriorates further without adequate medical and nutritional resources.

Therefore, the international community and humanitarian organizations must collaborate and provide urgent assistance to protect the lives, safety, and well-being of children in the Gaza Strip. FridayParts believes that donation to UNICEF is a step towards supporting these efforts.

Delivery of life-saving aid becomes challenge

Delivering aid to Gaza has been highly challenging due to blockades, conflict-related restrictions, and complex geography. We must consider security, politics, logistics, and collaborate with all aspects to ensure the timely delivery and distribution of aid to those in need.

However, the actual situation is often complex. In armed conflicts, children remain at risk of being drawn into conflicts, losing their families, being harmed and even losing their lives. The international community must unite to protect and assist children during times of war by upholding and promoting international humanitarian law.

FridayParts Donation to UNICEF

FridayParts donated $500 to UNICEF in December. We hope this donation can bring substantial help and support to children trapped in war.

We know that war poses a great threat to the safety and future of children, and we’ll call on more customers to join this project and work together to improve the safe environment for children.

We hope children will face fewer adverse events such as wars and infectious diseases by 2024. Also, we know declining funding sources and equitable distribution remain a challenge. Therefore, FridayParts will donate to UNICEF every month in the future, hoping UNICEF can help more children in need.

FridayParts donation to UNICEF in December

FridayParts donation to UNICEF in December

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