In recognition of our customers’ invaluable support, FridayParts made a donation of $500 to UNICEF in November on behalf of customers. We believe in modest contributions to make a positive impact on the lives of vulnerable children.

Unfortunately, the town of Asbyscott in Rukum West experienced a 6.4 magnitude earthquake on the night of November 3rd, just before midnight. Consequently, the aftermath of the earthquake has been particularly harrowing for children, leaving many orphaned, injured, or struggling with severe emotional trauma. Sadly, nearly half of the casualties are children, further emphasizing the urgent need for assistance and support in their recovery.

Jajarkot Earthquake

Source: UNICEF

What impact did the earthquake have on them?

In Asbyskot municipality, Rukum West District, the earthquake had a devastating impact on children. Homes were destroyed, and many people, including children, suffered injuries or lost their lives in building collapses, leaving behind orphans and grieving families. This information is reported by UNICEF. In this situation, many surviving children are homeless, lack shelter, and lose a safe and stable living environment.

Moreover, the earthquake also led to the loss of medical protection, and the children were unable to receive timely medical assistance and emergency treatment. They face the risk of disease transmission as the earthquake disrupts water and sanitation facilities, resulting in a lack of clean water and proper sanitation. This increases the likelihood that children will become ill, which can lead to disease outbreaks and health crises.

Additionally, the earthquake disrupted education. The destruction of schools and educational facilities has prevented children from continuing to receive normal learning and education. This has a serious impact on their studies and future development, potentially leading to a decline in educational standards and the risk of losing future opportunities.

What assistance do they need after the earthquake?

Safe shelter: It is vital for these children, such as temporary housing, tents or safe shelters.

Food and water: The earthquake disrupted water and food supply chains, requiring emergency food and drinking water to ensure they receive adequate nutrition and water.

Medical assistance: Many children were injured due to the earthquake, and providing medical equipment, medicines, and professional medical personnel allowed them to receive timely and appropriate medical treatment.

Educational support: Temporary school facilities, educational resources and support allow children to continue their education.

Counseling: Counseling services help children deal with fears, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress.

Community Redevelopment: Investing in community redevelopment projects, including rebuilding housing, schools and infrastructure, to restore normal living conditions.

With the support of the state and institutions, children after the earthquake will receive corresponding help, such as food and water, temporary shelter, continuing education, etc.

Donate to UNICEF

When we saw some of the fund plans on the UNICEF website, we were happy that our donation could help them. To support the critical role that UNICEF plays in providing relief, support and protection to these vulnerable children, FridayParts is pledging a monthly donation of $500.

donation to unicef in November

Donate to UNICEF

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