Summer has receded, and fall is on the road. Nevertheless, we should pay attention to the maintenance of excavators. After all, autumn is an important period for machinery maintenance, and maybe you have already planned to buy excavator parts to upgrade the old ones. In this blog post, we will explore seven effective tips for maintaining excavators during the autumn season.

Why do you need to maintain excavators in autumn?

There are incidents of excavators or loaders catching fire in the fall. The dry weather makes it easy for even a spark to have serious consequences. Additionally, lower temperatures make the machines more fragile and prone to malfunctions. Autumn maintenance not only allows for the repair of damages caused during summer usage but also is the first step for the equipment to operate smoothly during winter.


7 things to look for in excavator maintenance during fall

#1 Engine inspection

Timely remove leaves and other debris that may be stuck on the engine, exhaust manifold, muffler, and inside the engine compartment. Dust and debris on the radiator surface can be blown away with compressed air or rinsed from the inside out using a water gun when the engine is cold. (Important: Control the water pressure and rinse angle, and try to avoid water on electrical connectors.)

#2 Check the quality of antifreeze

Many excavator owners often regard antifreeze as winter protection, but in fact, it is useful throughout the year. Besides preventing freezing and engine damage in cold weather, it also provides important benefits in the autumn season. Antifreeze helps prevent the cooling system from boiling and overheating, ensuring its proper functioning. Additionally, antifreeze has rust and corrosion prevention properties, protecting the cooling system from aging and harmful deposits.

Therefore, it is crucial to take appropriate measures:

  • Use genuine antifreeze that is suitable for 2,000 hours of operation, ensuring the concentration and performance of the antifreeze in the cooling system meet the requirements.
  • Add antifreeze of the same brand and type. Mixing different antifreeze products may lead to unpredictable reactions and even damage the cooling system.
  • Pay attention to the expiration date of the antifreeze. If it has expired, replace it promptly.
  • Regularly check the pressure and temperature of the cooling system and clean the radiator and heat exchanger to ensure efficient heat dissipation.

#3 Proper use of fuel

In the fall, it is important to use the correct grade of fuel as low temperatures can affect the flow characteristics of diesel fuel. Improper fuel quality can lead to poor atomization and deteriorated combustion. Generally, the cloud point of diesel fuel should be selected to be 7-10℃ below the lowest local temperature of the season.

Alongside maintaining proper fuel quality, it is crucial to ensure the availability of reliable and high-quality excavator parts. Why not buy excavator parts with an assurance guarantee? It can ensure smooth operation, and minimize downtime and enhance the safety and reliability of the machine.

#4 Inspection of various oil lines

Aging oil lines can result in oil leakage and seepage in excavators, which is even more risky in dry autumn weather. If the excavator has been in use for a long time, regular inspection and maintenance of the oil lines are necessary, and timely replacement should be conducted.

#5 Battery maintenance

Firstly, pay attention to the polarity when charging the battery.

Secondly, the electrode connections of the battery are prone to problems in autumn, as oxidation and corrosion can cause poor contact. If there is green corrosion on the electrode connections, it should be washed off with hot water. Proper maintenance should be carried out during periods when the equipment is not in use.

The electrode connections of the battery are more likely to experience issues during this season, with oxidation and corrosion leading to poor contact. The battery should be placed in a dry location to prevent oxidation and corrosion, ensuring the proper operation of the machine during the construction process.

Battery Health Assessment

  • Green → Good performance
  • Black → Battery is in a discharged state and needs to be recharged as soon as possible.
  • White → Faulty, and a new battery needs to be replaced.

#6 Plug and connector inspection

Carefully inspecting the plug area can ensure all connectors are secure and no corrosion on the pins. Any abnormalities, please use a specialized cleaning agent. Plus, please check the electrical circuits regularly, any aging or damage signs, please replace them to prevent short circuits and potential fire hazards.

#7 Air conditioning maintenance

As the temperature gradually decreases, operators in some regions may experience cold weather conditions. To ensure safe operation in a warm environment, it is important to conduct advance inspections of the heating ducts, related valves and switches, as well as the air ducts and vents. This will ensure efficient operation during work activities.


Maybe you need to buy excavator parts

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