With summer here, are you maintaining your loader equipment water tank in accordance with the maintenance requirements? With these methods, you can better protect the water tank and prevent the high temperature in the tank from adversely affecting the equipment.

1. Using a little water pressure outside of the heat sink, the water tank can be rinsable, but it must not be too high or the heat sink will be deformed. However, you must clean the reverse heat sink from the side of the water tank heat sink.

2.First, let the loader run for a few minutes. Upon reaching 30 degrees, please turn off the engine and drain the water from the tank; after the water has been released, turn off the water switch and fill up the tank again; then restart for a few minutes and drain it again; so forth. This step must be performed until the water released is clear. Additionally, remember not to add water after cleaning the water tank. Add antifreeze instead.

3. When the loader is in use, do not open the water tank cover after parking, as the steam in the water tank may spray out and burn personnel.

4.Adding water to the antifreeze is also necessary. When you do not add antifreeze to your water tank, scale will easily form after adding water, resulting in blocked water pipes, poor water return, and high water temperature.

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