The Caterpillar 324D is a 24-ton excavator equipped with a CAT C7 ACert engine and rated at 140 kWh.The CAT C7 engine using ACERT technology delivers higher engine power and operates at lower RPM, resulting in improved fuel efficiency and reduced wear.

ECU: The ADEMTM A4 (advanced diesel engine management) electronic control module manages fuel delivery for optimal fuel consumption efficiency. The controller uses sensors in the fuel, intake, exhaust, and cooling systems to provide flexible fuel mapping and allow the engine to respond quickly to changing operational requirements. It can track the condition of the engine and the machine while keeping the engine running at maximum efficiency.

Cooling system: To reduce fan noise, the cooling fan is driven by the equipment ECM through an electrically controlled viscous clutch. The optimal fan speed is calculated according to the target engine speed, coolant temperature, hydraulic oil temperature, and actual fan speed. The new structural layout of the CAT C7 engine separates the cooling system from the engine compartment.

Equipment Basic Specifications

Engine Model CAT C7 with ACERT™ Technology
Net Rated Power (ISO 9249) 140kW
Cylinders 6
Bore 110mm
Stroke 127mm
Displacement 7.2 L
Maximum Travel Speed (km/h) 5.5
Maximun Drawbar Pull (kN) 227
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed (rpm) 9.6
Swing Torque (kN-m) 73.4
Hydraulic System
Main System – Max Flow (l/min) 2*235
Power Boost (kPa) 35000
Swing Circuits (kPa) 24500
Travel Circuits (kPa) 35000


Part Numbers Lookup

Part Names Part Numbers Links
Idler 115-4931
Track roller 1634145 Please contact us to get a quote
Final drive 267-6878
Sprocket 8E9805
Carrier roller 8E5600
Fuel filter 1R-0762
Diesel filter 326-1644
ECM 262-2879 Please contact us to get a quote
Air cleaner 255-3053 Please contact us to get a quote
Oil filter 1R-0739
Hydraulic oil filter 5I-8670
Gear pump 126-2016
Hydraulic pump 272-6957 Please contact us to get a quote
Swing motor 177-2458 Please contact us to get a quote
Control valve 259-7381 Please contact us to get a quote
Radiator 245-9207
Fan blade 230-2892
Hydraulic oil cooler 245-9208
Alternator 185-5294
Exhaust manifold 219-5840 Please contact us to get a quote
Turbocharger 0R-7979
Muffler 222-8299 /233-1254
Cylinder block 221-4482 Please contact us to get a quote
Cylinder head 314-4184 Please contact us to get a quote
Joystick 297-0532 Please contact us to get a quote
Lever (right/left) 170-9498/170-9499 Please contact us to get a quote
Monitor 260-2193
Fan drive fluid clutch 281-3589
Valve intake 145-7390
Injector 387-9427
Controller 227-7575
Fan blower motor 245-7839
Sensor 161-1705
Air conditioning compressor 245-7779


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