Agritechnica, the largest agricultural machinery exhibition in November 2023, has ended. During this expo, you also noticed that sustainable development is a trend in the agricultural machinery industry. And “Green productivity” is the main topic. As an ag equipment parts supplier, FridayParts is committed to providing high-quality parts that can increase the service life of ag equipment and reduce resource waste.

As you know, sustainability has always been a theme in the world, and, global greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise. Today, let’s focus on two questions. Namely, where does greenhouse gas come from? and why is sustainable development an inevitable trend in the agricultural machinery industry?

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Where do global greenhouse gases come from?

Greenhouse gases include carbon dioxide, methane, N 2 O, etc. Although nature also produces greenhouse gases, human activities are the main contributor. One of the largest sources of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions is agricultural activities and the burning of fossil fuels.

Agricultural activities

The digestion process of livestock produces methane (CH4), because they are ruminants’ specialized digestive systems and microbial metabolites during cellulose fermentation. Agricultural machinery, such as rice harvesters and stubble handlers, are used in rice cultivation, which can affect greenhouse gas emissions from rice fields. Methane in rice fields is produced by microorganisms in the water through anaerobic fermentation.

Additionally, agricultural machinery operations may affect rice fields’ hydrological conditions and soil’s redox state, thereby affecting methane production and emission.

Burning fossil fuels

The use of agricultural machinery, tractors, harvesters and other equipment replace human labor, improving the efficiency and scale of agricultural production. However, most agricultural machinery usually runs on fuel, such as diesel or gasoline to drive the machinery. Burning fuel produces carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases.

Therefore, improving the design and technology of agricultural machinery to increase combustion efficiency or replacing fossil fuels with more environmentally friendly energy sources, such as biomass energy or electric agricultural machinery, can reduce the contribution of agricultural machinery use to greenhouse gas emissions.

Why sustainability in agricultural machinery is an inevitable trend?

The agricultural exhibition emphasizes green productivity and highlights the ongoing focus on green and sustainable development in various fields worldwide. AGRITECHNICA 2023 conveyed to the exhibitors the idea of green productivity becoming a reality on farms. Discuss issues such as reducing carbon emissions through technology and expertise with professionals and exhibitors from various industries. If you pay attention to major ag machinery brands, including John Deere, CAT, etc., they have also been committed to technological research on sustainability in recent years.

Moreover, according to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, the four main trends that may appear in the machinery industry at future agricultural exhibitions are “intelligent, lean, precise and efficient”. These four trends have the potential to minimize impacts on soil, water, landscapes, and biodiversity. These are essentially whether agricultural activities themselves can use machines more effectively to achieve sustainability.

Make ag equipment parts green

At FridayParts, we also provide green solutions for agricultural machinery and equipment. High-quality and compatible aftermarket Ag equipment parts can ensure that your agricultural machinery runs efficiently and lasts longer, reducing waste of resources.

Moreover, the repair and replacement of after-sales parts for agricultural machinery can reduce the demand for new agricultural machinery, thereby reducing resource consumption. By repairing and updating existing agricultural machinery, the overall resource consumption of the agricultural industry can be reduced and resource utilization efficiency can be improved.

Regular maintenance and replacement of farm machinery parts can reduce waste production. If agricultural machinery parts cannot be repaired or replaced in time, the machinery may be scrapped, resulting in a large amount of waste.


The future trend of the agricultural machinery industry is sustainability, ensuring efficient operations while taking into account the green environment. The same goes for spare parts related to agricultural machinery. Many agricultural machinery owners will be more willing to choose parts that comply with sustainable concepts. If you plan to join the “Green project”, please contact us. FridayParts is committed to providing ag equipment owners with longer aftermarket parts.

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