The escalation of hostilities in the Gaza Strip is having catastrophic effects on children and families. In February, FridayParts’ Donation to UNICEF with $500 on behalf of our customers to UNICEF, hoping to aid the suffering children.

Feb donation to unicef - kid in war surroundings

Image source: UNICEF/UNI501899/El Baba

The Impact of War

According to UNICEF, children are losing their lives at an alarming rate in this conflict, with thousands dead and thousands more injured. It’s estimated that around 1.7 million people in the Gaza Strip are internally displaced, half of whom are children. The scale of children affected by the conflict is staggering, facing dire conditions with inadequate access to water, food, fuel, and medicine.

Voices from them

“I’m not okay living here. It’s terrible. But it’s better than living in a building – that scares me because of what happened… I was pulled out from under the rubble. This feels safer, however bad the living conditions are.”

Mays, who survived being trapped under rubble

Kareem, is deeply concerned about losing his loved ones due to the war.

Children are suffering both psychologically and in terms of their living conditions. Moreover, their health is under serious threat. Due to the lack of safe drinking water and sanitation facilities, displaced children and their families are unable to maintain the hygiene standards necessary to prevent diseases. Cases of diarrhea among children under five are sharply increasing. Sadly, many hospitals are unable to operate effectively due to the conflict. The few functioning hospitals are overwhelmed with treating a large number of conflict-related injuries, leaving insufficient resources to address disease outbreaks.

UNICEF’s Efforts

Since the conflict began, UNICEF has delivered crucial supplies to Gaza, including vaccines, medical items, hygiene kits, and nutrition supplements. They’ve also provided tents, waterproof tarps, blankets, winter clothes, and psychosocial support to aid displaced individuals. Furthermore, UNICEF and partners have built 70 sanitation facilities in areas like Khan Yunis and Rafah to improve health services in crowded shelters.

However, despite these vital efforts, significant challenges remain. UNICEF urgently needs to ensure safe and reliable channels to reach the most vulnerable children, especially the hundreds of thousands who are displaced. These children urgently require a sustained humanitarian ceasefire to ensure their safety and well-being.

FridayParts’ Donation to UNICEF

FridayParts, as a supplier of OEM-quality parts for construction and agricultural equipment, is committed to supporting global humanitarian efforts. Therefore, we pledge to continue donating every month in the future.

FridayParts donation to UNICEF in February 2024

Currently, the children in the Gaza Strip have lost their homes and face serious threats to their health and safety. Thus, we hope that our donations can provide some support for them. We also call on more people to join this global initiative to collectively strive for a better world for children.

Meanwhile, we also urge all parties involved in the conflict to cease hostilities and create a safe and peaceful environment for children. Regardless of the country and the challenges they face, every child deserves a safe, healthy, and happy life.

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