Thank you for your trust and support in FridayParts. In October, we made a donation of USD $ 500 to UNICEF. UNICEF recently announced, providing aid and support to six countries, including Haiti, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. To express our gratitude to our customers and help more people, we will continue donating every month.


Today, we would like to share something about the harm caused by the wild poliovirus to children. Most people, including myself, are hearing about it for the first time. Children in underprivileged areas are at high risk of getting the Wild Poliovirus due to limited healthcare and sanitation access.


children with wild poliovirus

Source: UNICEF


What is the wild polio virus?

The Wild Poliovirus is a deadly infectious disease that mainly affects children, especially those under 5 years old. This virus spreads through the fecal-oral route, typically through contaminated food, water, or contact with an infected person.


It used to be a major cause of childhood paralysis worldwide, but successful vaccination programs had nearly eradicated it. However, it has resurfaced in Africa. As long as one child is carrying poliovirus, children around the world are likely to be infected, potentially causing the disease to spread again around the world. This is a huge challenge for the world.


How is the wild poliovirus?

According to UNICEF, in the years of the COVID-19 pandemic, children in remote, vulnerable, and conflict-affected areas have faced greater difficulties in accessing vaccines. As a result, some regions in Africa are now witnessing an increase in the number of children contracting the Wild Poliovirus.


To eradicate the polio virus, UNICEF annually manages the procurement and distribution of over 1 billion doses of polio vaccine, providing vaccinations for over 400 million children worldwide. Additionally, UNICEF invests in vaccine supply chain infrastructure, including freezers, refrigerators, vaccine carriers, and temperature monitoring equipment, to ensure the safe and effective storage of vaccines.


Furthermore, UNICEF employs social and behavioral change strategies to encourage vaccine acceptance and address vaccine hesitancy issues, especially in marginalized communities. This involves community dialogues, training local workers, dispelling rumors, and adapting communication methods to align with cultural norms. UNICEF and its partners are incorporating health, nutrition, education, as well as water, sanitation, and personal hygiene (WASH) services into the polio vaccination campaign. We believe that eradicating the polio virus is getting closer and closer.


Of course, it is also important to ensure that local areas have safe and strong healthcare systems.

(Some Data and info from UNICEF)


Donation to UNICEF

FridayParts Global Care Program has always been dedicated to addressing global child-related issues and remains committed to its original mission of helping more and more vulnerable children, both physically and in their livelihoods. We would like to express our gratitude once again to our customers for their trust and support. We will continue to pass on this meaningful cause.


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FridayParts' October donation to UNICEF

Donation to UNICEF

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