To express our gratitude for the support and trust of our customers worldwide, FridayParts made a donation of $500 to UNICEF in September 2023. We hope that this contribution will make a positive impact on children in need. Once again, we thank our customers for enabling us to engage in this meaningful endeavor, and we will continue to pay it forward.

We have heard a lot about children living in extreme poverty. According to recent news from UNICEF, the pandemic has hindered the progress of this initiative, and currently, there are 333 million children worldwide who live on less than $2.15 per day. We hope our donation can make a difference and help these children.

extremely poor children

Img source: UNICEF

What are children in extreme poverty?

Extreme poverty children are those who lack access to basic necessities such as food, water, shelter, and sanitation facilities. Additionally, they may not receive adequate healthcare and basic medical services, making them vulnerable to diseases and health issues. Moreover, they lack educational resources and may come from impoverished families that rely on their support for income, increasing their susceptibility to violence, abuse, and exploitation.

Number of children in extreme poverty

Globally, children account for over 50% of the population living in extreme poverty, despite comprising only one-third of the global population. Children are more than twice as likely as adults to live in extreme poverty, with rates of 15.8% and 6.6% respectively. These children lack access to the food, sanitation, shelter, healthcare, and educational resources necessary for their survival and healthy development.

The impact of factors such as the COVID-19 pandemic, climate change, economic shocks, and conflicts further exacerbates the complexities of addressing extreme poverty among children, placing millions of children in even greater distress. These challenges indeed pose difficulties in eradicating child poverty. Despite the support and assistance provided by numerous international organizations and global efforts, it will take more time to reduce the number of children living in extreme poverty.


Global acts of kindness

The international community, such as UNICEF, and charitable organizations like the Red Cross, have undertaken various specific projects and initiatives to help children in extreme poverty.

Nutrition assistance programs provide nutritional support and food aid to children, ensuring they receive adequate nutrition.

Education projects aim to provide children with educational opportunities, including basic education and vocational training.

Medical assistance and health programs aim to provide children with healthcare and basic medical services.

Child protection projects focus on protecting children from violence, abuse, exploitation, and trafficking threats.

Community development programs offer support for community development, creating economic opportunities, and improving living conditions.

In times of disasters and emergencies, the international community and charitable organizations provide emergency assistance, including food, water, medical relief, shelter, and psychological support, to help affected children.

Additionally, numerous companies are also contributing in their own ways to support these children in the world, hoping to ensure their basic needs, medical care, and education. FridayParts will continue its monthly donations as well.

September donations of FridayParts

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