Sany Heavy Industry SY205DPC excavator adopts DPC direct power control technology to realize the perfect matching of engine and pump according to the load change, so as to achieve the optimal efficiency of the whole.

SANY SY205C DPC excavator parameter configuration

Power traditional power
Bucket backhoe
Tonnage (tons) 20
Machine working weight (kg) 21500
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.9~1.1(1.0)
Stick length(mm) 2700
Rotation speed(rpm) 11
Walking speed(km/h) 5.4/3.3
Gradeability(%) 70
Ground specific pressure (Kpa) 47.3
Bucket Digging Force(kN) 138
Stick Digging Force(kN) 109
Power system
Rated power(kw/rpm) 118/2000
Maximum torque (N.m) 580/1600
Displacement (L) 4.9
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 340
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 239
Engine oil replacement volume (L) 22
Body Size
Total transport length (mm) 9560
Total transport width (mm) 2800
Total transport height(mm) 3440
Full height of cab (mm) 3075
Boarding width(mm) 2875
Track ground length (mm) 3360
Total track length (mm) 4160
Track shoe width (mm) 600
Track Gauge (mm) 2380
Minimum ground clearance (mm ) 440
The minimum turning radius of the front working device (mm) 3730
Maximum height at minimum turning radius (mm) 7680
Rear turning radius(mm ) 2900
Number of supporting wheels (one side) (pieces) 7
Number of supporting sprockets (one side) (pieces) 2
Number of track shoes (one side) (pieces) 45
Scope of work
Maximum digging radius (mm) 10280
Maximum digging depth (mm) 6600
Maximum digging height(mm) 9600

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