The S770 is a Bobcat 67.6 kW skid steer loader, with a rated load of 1.5 tons and a mass of 4.1 tons. Following are the specific informations and part numbers of bobcat S770 skid steer loader.

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Basic Performance
Rated loading capacity(kg) 1520
Overturning load(kg) 3039
Weight of the whole machine(kg) 4162
Lifting mechanism form Vertical Lifting
Load(ton) More than 1 ton
Engine model Kubota Kubota/V3800-DI-TE3
Work form Turbocharged; Diesel Direct Injection
Rated power(kw/rpm) 67.6kw(92 HP)
Max. torque(N.m) 315@1600
Displacement(L) 3.769
Number of cylinders 4
Emission standards EPA (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency) Tier 2
Maximum travel speed (km/h) 7.1/two speed option 12.3
Departure angle (°) 25.1
Hydraulic System
System safety pressure (bar) 241
System rated flow rate (L/min) 87.1 (138.2 with optional high flow)
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank 120

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