The Sany SY55C Pro excavator’s original self-optimizing control technology and new hydraulic system provide more accurate flow distribution, lower pressure loss, and better controllability.

2018 Sany SY55C PRO (464557) | P&E

Sany SY55C Pro excavator parameter configuration

Power traditional power
Bucket backhoe
Tonnage (tons) 5
Working weight of the whole 5780
Bucket capacity(m³) 0.21~0.25(0.23)
Rotation speed(rpm) 10
Walking speed (km/h) 3.7/2.5
Gradeability(%) 70
Ground specific pressure (Kpa) 33
Bucket Digging Force (kN) 45
Digging force of stick (kN) 33
Power System
Engine model Isuzu
Rated power (kw/rpm) 36/2100
Maximum torque (Nm) 175/1800
Displacement (L) 3.059
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 130
Hydraulic tank (L) 85
Engine oil replacement amount (L) 9.6
Body Size
Track shoe width (mm) 40
Number of supporting wheels (single side) (pcs) 5
Number of carrier wheels (single side) (pcs) 1
Number of track plates (single side) (pcs) 40

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