PC270-7 is a 27-ton excavator from Komatsu. It achieves a larger workload and lower fuel consumption among excavators of the same level. This model is equipped with Komtrax GPS management system, which is convenient for customers to monitor the equipment usage in real time. The excavator features are as follows:

  • lower fuel consumption in excavators of the same level (espcially compared to -8 model);
  • Low vibration, low noise, high safety design to achieve the best driving comfort;
  • Install multi-function color monitor;
  • Easy maintenance of the machine due to the high intelligence of the digger
  • High durability
  • Komtrax management system

However, there are also some complaint from the digger owners. For example, the work efficiency of the Komatsu PC270 is lower than the Kobelco excavator of the same level as its travel speed is relatively slow.

Equipment Basic Specifications

Engine Model Komatsu SAA6D102E-2
Net Rated Power (hp) 179
Cylinders 6
Bore (mm) 102
Stroke (mm) 120
Displacement (L) 5.88
Engine Type Water-cooled, 4-cycle, direct injection, Turbocharged and aftercooled
Travel Speed (km/h) 3.0 – 5.5
Maximum Drawbar Pull (kN) 249
Drive Method Hydrostatic
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed (rpm) 10.5
Swing Circle Lubrication Grease-bathed
Service Brake Hydraulic lock
Swing Lock Mechanical disc brake
Swing Reduction Planetary gear
Hydraulic System
Pump Type HydrauMind
system, closed-center system with load sensing valves and
pressure compensated valves
Maximum Flow (ltr/min) 450
Implement Circuit (Kgf/cm2) 380
Travel Circuit (Kgf/cm2) 380
Swing Circuit (Kgf/cm2) 290
Pilot Circuit (Kgf/cm2) 33


Part Numbers Lookup

Part Names Part Numbers Links
Frinal Drive Cover 207-27-71341  Please contact us to get a quote
Final drive motor assy 708-8H-00330  Please contact us to get a quote
Sprocket 207-27-71460 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc300-6-driving-gear-6698
Track roller assy 207-30-00511 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc300-track-roller
Carrier roller assy 207-30-00430, 207-30-75110 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc300-7-carrier-roller
Idler assy 207-30-00161, 207-30-53112 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc300-6-idler
Air cooler assy 6738-61-4123  Please contact us to get a quote
Condenser 20Y-979-6131  Please contact us to get a quote
Air cleaner assy 6738-81-7500  Please contact us to get a quote
Hydraulic pump assy 708-2L-00112 https://www.fridayparts.com/hydraulic-pump-708-2l-00112-for-komatsu-excavator-pc220-7-pc220-7-aa-pc220lc-7-pc220lc-7-ba
Oil filter LJ626  Please contact us to get a quote
Swing motor assy 706-7G-01041 https://www.fridayparts.com/swing-motor-706-7g-01040-for-komatsu-pc200-7-pc200lc-7-pc210-7-pc220-7-pc270-7
Control valve assy 723-47-20602  Please contact us to get a quote
Muffler 6738-11-5530 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc270-7-ag-pc270-7-pc290nlc-7k-pc220ll-7l-pc200ll-7l-pc270lc-7l-pc308uslc-3-muffler-silencer-6738-11-5530
Turbocharger 6738-81-8190 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-pc220-7-engine-saa6d102e-turbocharger-6738-81-8191-6738-81-8190
Starting motor assy 600-863-5111 https://www.fridayparts.com/starter-motor-600-863-5111-for-komatsu-6d102e-s6d102e-engine-pc200-8-pc220-8m0-pc220lc-8m0-pc240lc-8-pc300-8m0-excavator
Radiator 206-03-72110 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc220ll-7l-pc270-7-pc270lc-7l-pc270ll-7l-pc290lc-7k-pc308uslc-3-water-tank-radiator-ass-y-206-03-72110
Oil cooler 206-03-71120 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc270-7-pc270ll-7l-pc270lc-7l-hydraulic-oil-cooler-206-03-71120
Cylinder head 6731-11-1371  Please contact us to get a quote
Cylinder block 6731-21-1170  Please contact us to get a quote
Alternator 600-861-3411  Please contact us to get a quote
Exhaust manifold 6735-11-5120 Please contact us to get a quote
Monitor 7835-12-1014 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc270-7-pc160lc-7-genuine-monitor-lcd-panel-7835-12-1014
Travel pilot control valve 702-16-03530 https://www.fridayparts.com/pilot-valve-702-16-03530-for-komatsu-pc100-6-pc120-6-pc130-6-pc130-7-pc160-7-pc200lc-8
Lever 20Y-43-22221  Please contact us to get a quote


Easily match the spare parts to the excavator by watching the video below