PC450-7 is an iconic excavator type for Komatsu. Comparing to the PC450-8, PC450-7 has a more positive operating experience. The excavator PC450-7 is well known for its high productivity and low fuel consumption. The direct injection, turbocharged, and air-to-air aftercooled design of the engine allows PC450-7 to reach the net rated power 257kW/345HP. The excavator is also equipped with large-bore cylinders on all arms, which reinforces the equipment digging force in tough conditions. Meanwhile, the excavator also reduces its noise level to the standards of EU Stage II and restricts the emission exhausts based on EU Stage IIIA regulations. To get more specifications and inforamtion about this excavator, please read the tables below.

Equipment Basic Specifications

Engine Model Komatsu SAA6D125E-5
Net Rated Power (kW) 257
Cylinders 6
Bore (mm) 125
Stroke (mm) 150
Displacement 11.04
Engine Type Direct injection, water-cooled, emissionised, turbocharged, after-cooled diesel
Lo/Mi/Hi Travel Speed (km/h) 3.0/ 4.4/ 5.5
Maximun Drawbar Pull (kgf) 34
Brake System Hydraulically operated discs in each travel motor
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed (rpm) 9
Swing Torque (kN-m) 132
Hydraulic System
Main System – Max Flow (L/min) 2*345
Power Boost (Kg/cm2) 380
Swing Circuits (Kg/cm2) 285
Travel Circuits (Kg/cm2) 380


Part Numbers Lookup

Part Names Part Numbers Links
Idler 208-30-00201 Please contact us to get a quote
Track roller 208-30-00310 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc400-track-roller
Track shoe 208-32-61110 Please contact us to get a quote
Final drive ass’y 208-27-71182 https://www.fridayparts.com/hydraulic-final-drive-gearbox-with-motor-assy-for-komatsu-excavator-pc400-7-pc400lc-7l-pc400-8-pc400-mo-pc450-7-pc450-8
Sprocket 208-27-61210 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc400-driving-gear
Carrier roller 208-30-00630 Please contact us to get a quote
After cooler 615-66-15110 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc450-7-pc450-7k-pc450lc-7-aftercooler-615-66-15110
Air cleaner ass’y 6156-81-7200 Please contact us to get a quote
Hydraulic pump ass’y 708-2H-00026 Please contact us to get a quote
Swing motor ass’y 706-7K-01040 Please contact us to get a quote
Control valve ass’y 723-48-2770 Please contact us to get a quote
Radiator 208-03-71110 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc400-7-pc400lc-7-pc400lc-7l-pc450-7-pc450lc-7-water-tank-radiator-ass-y-208-03-71110
Fan blade 600-635-5870 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-saa6d140e-saa6d125e-saa6d114e-engine-pc400-7-pc360-7-pc300lc-8-pc300-7-cooling-fan-600-635-5870
Hydraulic oil cooler 208-03-71121 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc450-7-pc450lc-7-pc300lc-7e0-pc300hd-7e0-hydraulic-oil-cooler-ass-y-208-03-71121
Hose 6156-11-4470 https://www.fridayparts.com/komatsu-pc450-7-intercooler-hose-6156-11-4470
Alternator 600-821-9690 https://www.fridayparts.com/alternator-for-engine-6d155-komatsu-pc400-7
Starter motor 600-813-9322 https://www.fridayparts.com/starter-motor-600-813-3912-for-komatsu-engine-6d114-excavator-pc360-7
Turbocharger 6156-81-8170 https://www.fridayparts.com/turbocharger-6156-81-8170-for-komatsu-pc450-pc400-engine-saa6d125
Muffler 6156-11-5280 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc400-7-pc400lc-7-pc450-7-pc450lc-7-engine-6d125e-muffler-silencer-6156-11-5280-6156-11-5281
Joystick 702-16-09131 Please contact us to get a quote
Lever 22U-43-21131 Please contact us to get a quote
Monitor 7835-12-2007 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-komatsu-excavator-pc450-7-pc450lc-7-monitor-panel-assembly-7835-12-2003-7835-12-2008


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