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Why are there iron pieces in the cylinder of an excavator?

An excavator parts cylinder serves a variety of functions such as transferring power, isolating worn surfaces, reducing friction between components, suspending contaminants, controlling oxidation of component surfaces, and cooling. There are many friends who will wonder why there are iron pieces found in the excavator oil cylinder. Now, Let's explore it togethe.

Donations of USD$340 in April, 2022 | FridayParts Global Care Program

Thank you for supporting FridayParts and putting your trust in us in April, 2022. Based on 3391 orders, we donated 340 US dollars to poor children around the world in April. Each month, we donate to charity. Many thanks to our customers for their contributions!

Volvo EC30 Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The Volvo EC30 excavator has a working weight of 3090.3kg and a bucket capacity of 0.07 cubic meters. It adopts a Mitsubishi S3L2 engine with a rated power of 20kw/2400rpm, a displacement of 1.3L, and a 3-cylinder; the maximum digging radius of the stop surface is 4620mm and the fuel tank is 49L.

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The digger driver’s version of “using vitamin C in the morning, vitamin A at night”❗❗

"Using Vitamin C in the morning  and Vitamin A at night" become so popular recently. This wave appeals to different kinds of industries.So,what is the "morning C night A" for the digger drivers who wake up early and get up late every day?😎Come on, let's check it out!

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HitachiZX200-5A Excavator Info & Part Numbers Lookup

The ZX200-5A excavator features an imported high-quality and robust engine, equipped with a high-pressure common rail electronic injection system and cold EGR system, along with a Hitachi HIOSIII hydraulic system, which significantly improves fuel efficiency. Specification Power Traditional Power Bucket Backhoe Tonnage (tons) 20 Working weight of the whole machine (kg) 20200-20300 Bucket capacity (m³)

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Donations of USD$382.00 in March, 2022 | FridayParts Global Care Program

We would like to thank you for choosing FridayParts and for choosing to be our customer in March,2022. Based on 3814 orders in March, we donated $382 to poor children around the world. Each month, we donate to charity. Thank you for your support, FridayParts customers!

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How to maintain engine lubrication system

A lubrication system's primary function is to prevent friction between moving components. The oil circulation system utilizes a gear-type oil pump to draw oil from the oil pan. The oil passes through an oil cooler and filter prior to passing into the left and right camshaft oil galleries and main oil gallery respectively.

How to maintain an excavator: 20 tips to consider

How to maintain your engine?1.Regular inspection and replacement of oil and oil filter.The air filter element should be checked frequently. It is impossible to blow the dust out of the outer filter element with compressed air if the outer filter element has been dusty for a long time.

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