7FGU25 Toyota forklift is a 7 series model, which is a forklift truck. It is powered by LPG or gasoline and is a popular choice in logistics, warehousing, and other fields at home and abroad.

However, correctly understanding the data of a forklift like size, weight, etc. can prevent its use in unsuitable environments and improve operating efficiency and safety.

7FGU25 Toyota forklift features

Load capacity (5,000 lb (approximately 2,268 kg) ): The 7FGU25 forklift has a rated lifting capacity and may be considered if you have medium to heavy cargo handling tasks.

Internal combustion engine: Generally, the fuel is gasoline or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). Internal combustion engines have high power and high torque output.

Good handling: Operators can easily maneuver the forklift in tight spaces with a flexible turning radius and easy-to-operate controls.

Safer: The 7FGU25 forklift is equipped with a reliable braking system, tilt alarm and seat belts.


7FGU25 Toyota forklift specifications


A. Length To Fork Face 8.56ft in
B. Overall Width 3.78ft in
C. Overall Height – Mast Lowered 6.93ft in
Right Angle Stack 8.84ft in
Turning Radius 7.3ft in


Load Center 24in
Load Capacity 5000lb
Lift Speed 118ft/min


Power 53hp
Power Measured @ 2400rpm


Tire Type pneumatic
Number Of Front Wheels 2
Number Of Rear Wheels 2
Max Speed 10.9mph

Source: https://www.ritchiespecs.com/model/toyota-7fgu25-forklift (RITCHIESpecs)

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