Planning on looking for a better cold-resistant drive belt for your lawn mowers? As an expert in lawn mower drive belts, FridayParts has compiled for you the most popular Drive Belts in November 2023, which will be a great reference value for your December purchases.

These drive belts come in various varieties and you can get inspired and buy them here. Without further ado, take a look at this article.

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What is a lawn mower drive belt?

Drive belts are often used in the transmission systems of construction machinery and vehicles, and are usually made of rubber. Generally, their outer surfaces are smooth and have a V-shaped or flat cross-sectional shape. Transmits power by connecting the engine or electric motor to various accessories or drive components so that they can operate normally. Drive belts are widely used in machinery and vehicles to drive generators, fans, lawnmower blade decks, and more.

Types of lawn mower drive belts

Drive belts is a general term and there are many types.

Deck drive belts

The transmission belt used in the lawn mower deck part is responsible for transmitting power from the lawn mower engine to the blade deck, driving the blades to mow the lawn.

Serpentine belt

Serpentine belts, also known as multi-ribbed belts, feature a long, continuous ribbed design that wraps around multiple pulleys. They are commonly used on riding lawn mowers and garden tractors that have multiple attachments, such as a mower deck, power take-off (PTO) or hydraulic attachment.

V belt

The V belt has a V-shaped cross-section to accommodate the design of the lawn mower drive system. V-shaped cross-section enhances contact area and friction between the drive belt and pulley, ensuring efficient power transmission to the blade deck.

Flat belt

Flat drive belts use wide, flat rubber belts that transmit power through friction. However, it is less used in modern lawn mowers.

5 Best Drive Belts in November

1. John Deere l111 transmission drive belt

John Deere l111 transmission drive belt

This transmission drive belt part number is gx20006, suitable for John Deere Lawn and Garden Tractor. Lawn mower models include L105, L107, L108, L110, L118, L120, L130, L2048, etc. If you have Sten’s mowers, it is also available, its part number is 265-186, 265186.

The Transmission Drive Belt is stronger and more durable, helping your lawn mower perform its job better. Suitable lawn mower blade sizes are 46, 44, 42.

Price: $16.80

John deere l111 drive belt diagram

John Deere l111 drive belt diagram

It is easy to find out the correct path and installation method by the John Deere l111 drive belt diagram.

2. Scotts 1642h drive belt

Scotts 1642h drive belt

The type of deck drive belt is a flat belt, its number is m124895. It has wide applications, including John Deere Europro 15.542,1642H, John Deere Sabre, John Deere Lawn Tractor, and so on.

Price: $19.50

Scotts 1642h drive belt diagram

Scotts 1642h drive belt diagram

3. John Deere D130 deck belt

John Deere D130 deck belt

The Drive deck belt plays an important role in the transmission system of the John Deere D130 lawn mower, ensuring that the engine’s power is transmitted to the blade deck so that the lawn mower can work properly. This John Deere d130 deck belt parts number is GX20072 and GY20570. Make sure you have the correct size and model of drive belt for your John Deere D130 lawn mower when selecting it, and install and maintain it according to the John Deere D130 deck belt diagram to keep your lawn mower running properly.

Price: $15.99

John Deere D130 deck belt diagram

John Deere D130 deck belt diagram

4. John Deere S130 belt

John Deere S130 belt

The John Deere S130 belt is a V belt, that fits the John Deere lawn and garden tractor, and also for Kawasaki Engine FC540V. It is a good choice if you need to mow more efficiently. Because the V-shaped section provides a large contact area for the John Deere lawn mower and garden tractor. The parts number is GX25232, M84136, 265-465 and 265465

Price: $35.80John Deere S130 belt diagram

John Deere S130 belt diagram

5. Mercruiser 5.0 serpentine belt

Mercruiser 5.0 serpentine belt

57-865615-003 serpentine belt is suitable for Mercruiser engines with displacements of 4.3 liters, 5.0 liters, 5.7 liters, and 6.2 liters.

Price: $38.68

If you want to get the diagram of Mercruiser 5.0 serpentine belt, please feel free to contact our lawn mower drive belts expert.


In short, it is important to choose the right drive belts, above popular lawn mower drive belts may spark inspiration for you. We hope it will be helpful to your purchase in December. And it is worth noting that if you are a new user, do not miss the $50 off for your first order. Click here to get it.