Safety comes first at work. In light of the dangers of excavator work, FridayParts has summarized a few tips to avoid accidents while excavating. We hope you find it useful!!

Tip 1: Avoid keeping your hands on the door frame when driving downhill

The excavator has superb off-road capability. Through the cooperation of tracks and working devices, excavators can climb very steep slopes and can also drive downhill very easily. Therefore, if the door is open or not locked, the hand on the door frame will be caught as the excavator moves downhill. It is because the body tilts forward, that the driver will use the left hand to push a windshield or door frame in, while using the right hand to walk the excavator.

Hence, the door must be locked regardless of where the excavator works. It is recommended that drivers avoid holding the doorframe with their hands.

Tip 2: Avoid walking with large arms raised

Many novices or apprentices believe that a fully open bucket bar and raised boom will provide better sight lines, so they walk in this manner. However, walking like this is very dangerous. Due to its elevated position and slightly uneven ground, the work device will roll over due to its high center of gravity.

Tip 3: Avoid driving directly on soft ground

When working on soft ground such as swamps and riverbanks, you should first test the ground with the bucket to see if it can withstand the weight of the excavator. Except if you’re driving an amphibious excavator, forgetting this process could have serious consequences. Avoid getting the excavator stuck when working on soft ground by following these tips:
  1. Try with the bucket first.
  2. Don’t stay in the same place for a long time.
  3. Take more straight lines and less turns.

Tip 4: Pay more attention to the blind spot

There is a large blind spot on the right side, especially the right side of the rear, since the excavator’s cab is on the left, and the moving arm is blocking the middle of the view. Therefore, in fields with not much space, excavators are positioned as far to the left as possible, leaving more space to the right.

Tip5: Avoid excavators riding on the ditch to work

It is not safe to drive back at most half the distance of the track when excavators dig ditches, no matter what geological conditions, and then more is not safe, there is a risk of collapse when excavators dig ditches.

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