Excavator Komatsu PC18MR-3 craftsmanship design, pursuit of value efficiency; variable gauge chassis, passage width of only 990 mm. Easily accessible platform structure enables maintenance personnel to easily access equipment.

Power Traditional Power
Bucket Backhoe
Tonnage (ton) 1
Operating weight of the whole machine(kg) 1865
Bucket width(mm) 400
Bucket capacity(m³) 0.044
Length of moving arm(mm) 1760
Bucket rod length(mm) 965
Rotation speed(rpm) 8.9
Traveling speed(km/h) 4.3/2.3
Grounding specific pressure(Kpa) 27.8
Bucket digging force(kN) 15.9
Power System
Engine Model Komatsu 3D67E-2
Rated power(kw/rpm) 11.2/2600
Displacement(L) 0.778
Cooling method Water cooling
Hydraulic System
Working hydraulic oil circuit(Mpa) 23
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 19
Hydraulic oil tank(L) 23.8
Engine oil change volume (L) 3.3
Coolant (L ) 3.1
Main body size
Total transport length(mm) 3650
Total transport width(mm) 1280/990
Total transport height(mm) 2410
Total track length(mm) 1555
Track plate width(mm) 230
Track gauge(mm) 750
Minimum turning radius of front section working device(mm) 1755
Rear end turning radius(mm ) 715
Scope of work
Maximum digging radius(mm) 4025
Maximum digging radius of stopping surface(mm) 3935
Maximum digging depth(mm) 2610
Maximum digging height(mm) 3465
Maximum unloading height(mm) 2435
Maximum vertical digging depth(mm) 1785
Dynamic arm offset (left/right°) 70/50
Width×Height of push plate(mm) 990/1280*250

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