Power Traditional Power
Bucket Backhoe
Tonnage (tons) 20
Working weight of the whole machine (kg) 20150
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.9~1.05
Boom length (mm) 5700
Stick length (mm) 2410
Rotation speed (rpm) 12.4
Walking speed (km/h) 5.5/4.1/3.0
Gradeability(%) 70%(35°)
Ground pressure (Kpa) 46.7
Bucket digging force (kN) 149
Stick digging force (kN) 108
Maximum traction (kN) 178


power system
engine model Komatsu SAA6D107E-1
Rated power (kw/rpm) 103/2000
Displacement (L) 6.69
Number of cylinders (pcs) 6
Bore×Stroke (mm) 107×124
cooling method Water cooling
Forms of work Water-cooled, 4-stroke, direct injection; turbocharged, after-cooled


Hydraulic system
Main pump type Variable piston pump
Swing hydraulic motor type Axial piston motor×1 (with rotation holding brake)
Traveling hydraulic motor type Axial plunger motor × 2 (with parking brake)
Maximum flow of main pump (l/min) 439
Pilot oil circuit (MPa) 3.2
Working hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 37.3
Walking hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 37.3
Rotary hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 28.9
Boom cylinder-number×bore×stroke(mm) 2-120×1334×85
Stick cylinder-number × cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) 1-135×1490×95
Bucket cylinder-number × cylinder diameter × stroke (mm) Bucket cylinder-number × cylinder diameter × stroke (mm)


Oil capacity
Fuel tank (L) 400
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 135
Engine oil replacement amount (L) 23.1
Coolant (L) 20.4


Scope of work
Maximum digging radius (mm) 9380
Maximum digging radius of stop surface (mm) 9190
Maximum digging depth (mm) 6095
Maximum digging height (mm) 9800
Maximum unloading height (mm) 6890
Maximum vertical digging depth (mm) 5430


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