CAT 315D Equipment Info & Part Numbers Lookup

Caterpillar 315D is known as one of the high-cost performance machines. The recognized design feature of Caterpillar 300 series excavators is simple and powerful, and its novel hydraulic system can be effective at the time and place where power is most needed. The engine is another feature of the excavator. The CAT 315D is equipped

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KOBELCO SK350-8 Equipment Info & Part Numbers Lookup

Kobelco SK350-8 excavator is a Kobelco 35-ton -8 series excavator that overall quality is close to 35 tons(3.47t). It is equipped with HINO JO8E engine, with rated power of 197 kilowatts and bucket capacity of 1.6 cubic meters, which is suitable for the earthwork of construction sites and mines. Pursuing the “Three E’s”is the main

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How Will The Oil Price Affect The Excavator Industry?

Oil prices are undoubtedly one of the fundamental factors influencing the construction industry, especially the heavy equipment market. The price change relies heavily on the market supply-demand relationship that is likely to be negatively affected by the current market environment. To analyze the overall excavator market in the United States, we need to forecast

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Komatsu PC450-7 Equipment Info & Part Numbers Lookup

PC450-7 is an iconic excavator type for Komatsu. Comparing to the PC450-8, PC450-7 has a more positive operating experience. The excavator PC450-7 is well known for its high productivity and low fuel consumption. The direct injection, turbocharged, and air-to-air aftercooled design of the engine allows PC450-7 to reach the net rated power 257kW/345HP. The

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CASE Excavator CX290B Equipment Info & Part Numbers Lookup

CASE defines the B series-CX290B as a powerful and speed hydraulic excavator as it has three working modes(A-mode,H-mode & SP-mode*) allows the machine having higher breakout force, greater swing speeds and torque.According to the test, CX290B is about 5% improved in productivity than that of other hydraulic excavators. * A-MODE: for grading, lifting and

Caterpillar 320D Equipment & Spare Parts Information Lookup

Caterpillar 320D is known as an excavator that can maintain high performance with little fuel consumption. This is because the machine engine, 3066 ATAAC, is aftercooled and turbocharged with six cylinders. Moreover, the excavator can control the engine speed automatically according to different load conditions, which also helps the excavator reduce fuel consumption and

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Komatsu PC18MR-3 Compact Hydraulic Excavator

Komatsu PC18MR-3 is a mini digger with horsepower 11.2kW/15HP and a bucket capacity is 0.022 m3-0.044m3. The excavator aims to increase the flexibility of the equipment when it works in a cramped place. The machine operating weight is 1780kg, and it has a tight tail swing which allows operators to focus more on the

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Protect your construction equipment from sunlight

As winter goes by, the weather begins to get hot. Have you started to get your machine ready for the scorching weather? Storage Overheat is one of the major issues that can increase machine downtime. Hence, storage is a problem that should be considered by every machine owner. FridayParts would like to recommend you

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Tips for maintaining excavator undercarriage

The wear of the excavator undercarriage components is an inevitable problem for all excavator owners. Lack of regular maintenance will reduce the efficiency of the machine operation and accelerate the wear and tear issue of undercarriage parts. FridayParts undercarriage parts: FridayParts will list five tips in this post to help you maintain your excavator

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