The Kubota 4-tonne class KX040-4 excavator is designed for efficiency, built for stability and created for comfort. The KX040-4 has the power and versatility to take on almost any task even in the toughest conditions. Combined with improved digging and lifting power, and smoother travel performance, it can get the job done.


Powered by a Kubota D1803-CR engine is Tier IV compliant, for reliability and to maximise digging and lifting performance. Kubota’s CRS engine electronically controls the timing and amount of fuel injected, producing less engine noise and better fuel efficiency. The DPF works by automatically burning the particulate matter build up, automatic burning can be postponed when the excavator is operating in fire prone areas hazardous environments. Both the CRS and DPF work together reduce harmful emissions while increasing performance.

Name KX040-4 KX040-4 Angle Blade
Type Tier 4 Compliant Tier 4 Compliant
Fuel Type Diesel Diesel
Cylinders 3 3
Model Kubota D1803-CR-TE4 Kubota D1803-CR-TE4
Engine Net 38.9 HP 38.9 HP
Engine Gross 40.4 hp 40.4 hp
Displacement 1826 cc 1826 cc
Rated Speed 2200 rpm 2200 rpm

Drive System

Name KX040-4 KX040-4 Angle Blade
Max. Traction force 4420 kgf 4420 kgf
Tumbler distance 1710 mm 1710mm
Crawler length 2175 mm 2175 mm
Shoe width 350 mm 350 mm
Ground contact pressure – Canopy 0.319 kgf/cm2 0.3314078 kgf/cm2
Ground contact pressure – Cab 0.33 kgf/cm2 0.3426246 kgf/cm2


Name KX040-4 KX040-4 Angle Blade
Pump Capacity 92.4 l/min 92.4 l/min
Aux hydraulic Flow – AUX1 65 l/min 65 l/min
Aux hydraulic Flow – AUX2 37 l/min 37 l/min
Max. Breakout force. Bucket 3315 kgf 3315 kgf
Max. Breakout force. Arm 1865 kgf 1865 kgf

Swing System

Name KX040-4 KX040-4 Angle Blade
Swing System Conventional Swing Conventional Swing
Unit swing speed 9.2 rpm 9.2 rpm
Boom swing angle Left 70 degree 70 degree
Boom swing angle Right 55 degree 55 degree

Travelling speeds

Name KX040-4 KX040-4 Angle Blade
Low 2.9 km/h 2.9 km/h
High 5 km/h 5 km/h

Kubota Excavator KX040-4 Related Parts Lookup

Part Name Part Number Related Link
Cylinder Head Gasket 1G750-03312
Fuel Injector 1J801-53052
Oil Pump 1E013-35013
Alternator 15531-64015
Fuel Pump RD411-51353
Turbocharger 1E013-17012
Water Pump

Glow Plug 1G911-65510
Solenoid Valve 6A32031153
LED Head Lamp 3G710-75910
Regulator 15531-64601
Filter Kit RD158-42270
Oil Filter 16414-32430