Artistic concrete elements are popular in the design of gardens, parks or green spaces. In fact, with the right technology and the right parts, you can create your own. Here you can find 7 tips on concrete reinforcement with Wacker Neuson Insert Vibrators for outstanding quality and good looks.


First of all, the mold of the concrete member should be clean. This specifically means that it should not contain any bent nails, holes or remnants of previous concrete work. Otherwise, the residue will be mixed on the surface of the concrete and the surface of the freshly placed concrete will no longer be uniform or smooth.


It is important to give concrete molds a structured appearance: for instance, uneven joints will negatively affect the uniformity of the finished element.


Concrete and Release Agents

To maintain a smooth surface on design elements in concrete reinforcement, take care to use a release agent that is appropriate for the chosen concrete and formwork. A release agent prevents the concrete surface from bonding to the mold surface, similar to grease a cake mold so that the mold can later be peeled from the concrete member without damaging it.


The height of the cast layer

None of these should exceed 50 cm.


adequate compaction

Each cast layer has to be sufficiently reinforced, for example with Wacker Neuson insert vibrators, in order to maintain a refined appearance with a low number of pores. To do this, simply dip the plunger vibrator head repeatedly into the concrete at the prescribed insertion intervals.

So how do you know when you’re done hardening? Just listen: the noise when dipping the plug-in vibrator no longer changes. Alternatively, the reinforcement of the poured course can be stopped when only a few air bubbles have risen to the surface.


“Stitching” of the concrete layer

After the Wacker Neuson Insert Vibrator is used for concrete reinforcement, it must be directly filled into the next layer, strengthened and connected with the layer below, this is called a “joint” in technical terms:

The vibrator head must be driven further down, 50 cm beyond the new layer, in order to connect the concrete of the layer below to the current layer. This creates a uniform appearance for the finished concrete element, and the individually cast layers can be identical after the fact.



This process can be repeated for as long as the desired height of the concrete member is achieved.

what’s the result? An even, fine-pored concrete surface greatly enhances the concrete floor of every garden, front yard or park.

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