The Komatsu PC60-8 excavator is equipped with a Komatsu high-power SAA4D95LE turbocharged engine with an output power of 40.7 kilowatts and a standard bucket capacity of 0.25 cubic.

Japanese Used Excavators KOMATSU PC60-8 TOKU WORLD BE1920

Komatsu PC60-8 excavator parameters and configuration

Power Traditional power
Bucket Backhoe
Tonnage (ton) 6
Operating weight of the whole machine(kg) 6180
Bucket capacity(m³) 0.25~0.37
Rotation speed(rpm) 10
Traveling speed(km/h) 2.8-4.5
Grounding specific pressure(Kpa) 28.4
Bucket digging force(kN) 54.8
Bucket rod digging force(kN) 39.8
Maximum traction force (kN) 56.6
Power System
Engine model Komatsu SAA4D95LE-5
Rated power(kw/rpm) 40.7/1950
Displacement(L) 3.26
Number of cylinders(pcs) 4
Cylinder diameter×stroke(mm) 95*115
Cooling method Water cooling
Work form Turbocharged
Hydraulic System
Main pump type Variable displacement piston pumps
Maximum flow rate of main pump(l/min) 172
Pilot oil circuit (MPa) 2.9
Working hydraulic oil circuit(Mpa) 24.5
Traveling hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 24.5
Slewing hydraulic circuit (Mpa ) 21.1
Movable arm cylinder – number × bore × stroke (mm) 1-115*840
Bucket rod cylinder-Number of cylinders×diameter×stroke(mm) 1-100*865
Bucket cylinder-Number of cylinders×diameter×stroke(mm) 1-90*710
Oil Capacity
Fuel Tank 130
Hydraulic oil tank(L) 95
Engine oil change volume (L) 12.5
Coolant (L ) 10

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