The bucket should be filled with the load

When you begin working, you should dig by using the power of the bucket, then adjust the bucket teeth according to the direction of digging, control the operating lever practical full stroke shallower digging, you can easily fill the bucket.

As soon as you are done digging, you need to quickly switch from retracted bucket bars to extended bucket bars. At this point, the sand gathered at the bucket teeth will fall on the inner side of the bucket, which will level the sand so that the “shaking operation” can prevent sand from falling out.

Select the digging angle according to the condition of the soil

Depending on the soil’s softness or hardness, adjust the bucket’s digging angle. For soft soil, increase the digging angle to dig deeper and end the digging as soon as possible.For hard soil, reduce the digging angle to reduce the resistance when digging. However, for hard soil, digging can be made easier by increasing the angle of the digging bucket.

Effective use of excavation power

In general, the most effective method is to dig within 65° between 50° forwards and 15° inwards again with the bucket bar perpendicular to the ground to make the bucket reach full shovel.

The need to use the powerful digging posture

The digging force is primarily caused by the traction force of the bucket rod and the digging force of the bucket. At 90 degrees from the bucket rod cylinder, the bucket rod pin exerts the most digging force.

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