John Deere’s E140LC excavator features a PowerTech E engine, delayed flameout, unique wet cylinder lining system, and a distinct optional working mode, which automatically optimizes and matches digging, crushing and lifting operations.


                                                                                                           John Deere E140LC Excavator Parameters

Power Traditional power
Bucket Backhoe bucket
Tonnage (tons) 14
Working weight of the whole machine (kg) 13800
Bucket capacity (m³) 0.63 (general purpose) / 0.60 (heavy duty)
Boom length (mm) 4600
Stick length (mm) 2520
Rotation speed (rpm) 12.5
Rotation torque (kN/m) 35.8
Walking speed (km/h) 5.8/3.1
Gradeability(%) 70
Ground pressure (Kpa) 42.2
Bucket digging force (kN) 101
Stick digging force (kN) 70
Maximum traction (kN) 139
Power System
Engine model John Deere 4045 PowerTech E
Rated power (kw/rpm) 84/1800
Maximum torque (N.m/rpm) 498/1400
Displacement (L) 4.5
Number of cylinders (pcs) 4
Forms of work Turbocharged, air-to-air cooler
Hydraulic System
Main pump type 2 variable displacement electro-hydraulic controlled axial piston pumps
Maximum flow of main pump (l/min) 126×2
Pilot pump flow (L/min) 18×1
Pilot oil circuit (MPa) 3.9
Walking hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 35.3
Swing hydraulic circuit (Mpa) 27
Oil Capacity
Fuel tank (L) 240
Hydraulic oil tank (L) 125
Hydraulic system (L) 185
Engine oil replacement amount (L) 14.7
Coolant (L) 18.2
Scope of work
Maximum digging radius (mm) 8351
Maximum digging radius of stop surface (mm) 8214
Maximum digging depth (mm) 5764
Maximum digging height (mm) 8568
Maximum unloading height (mm) 6030
Maximum vertical digging depth (mm) 5107