Social problems caused by children have always attracted the attention of people from all walks of life. According to the United Nations Children’s Fund reasearch, millions of children are forced to leave their homes every year, scarred by conflicts and disasters, and denied access to education, protection, and support. The outbreak of a new Coronavirus in 2019 meant that children all over the world could not attend school; they could not stay at home for long periods of time or enjoy playing with friends; millions of families fell into poverty, and more children are subjected to abuse or violence because of gender.

Hence, on the occasion of the FridayParts’s fifth anniversary, we decided to support those children in need.

FridayParts will donate to UNICEF on a monthly basis starting in September 2021. When you place an order with us, we donate 10 cents to UNICEF in order to help make the world a safer place for kids. In September, we donated a total of 278.00 US dollars in accordance with 2,780 orders to help poor children all over the world.We are expanding FridayParts Global Care Program to more individuals and organizations.

Thank you for your trust in FridayParts! Please pay close attention to our charitable donations.