The opening ceremony for MINEExpo202 took place on 13th September, American local time, which was delayed from 2020.  As the world’s largest mining exhibition, there are a variety of important industries related to mining, such as mining exploration, weather forecasting, underground mining, processing, security, and environment improvement. Meanwhile, it also includes all the world’s top equipment and demonstrates its originality, quality, and service.

Below are some exhibits at the expo that display advanced mining equipment.

Caterpillar (Booth No. : 6229-C)

Clearly, Caterpillar exhibits a very strong lineup of mine equipment, which includes a large amount of trucks, loaders, bulldozers, sprinklers, scrapers, surface drilling rigs, etc. Including 777G automatic mining sprinkler, 6060 excavator, Cat® R1700 XE scraper, 794 XE bulldozer, D10 automatic bulldozer, and MD6310 drilling rig. The following products were displayed at the exhibition.

Image: The new generation 992 loader

Image: New Cat 6060 excavators

Image: Caterpillar 794 AC mine card

Image: Caterpillar D11 bulldozer


 Komatsu (Booth No. 7027-C)

Komatsu’s exhibits include mining equipment, technology, etc., all exhibiting its cutting-edge technologies. Among the exhibits are WE1850 loader, ZR122 open-pit blasthole drill, lithium-ion battery technology-driven underground mining battery truck, and batteries for underground hard rock mining. Products such as the ZJ32Bi large-scale drilling rig powered by trams, underground hard rock drilling and bolts.

Image: WE1850 Loader

Image: Komatsu PC7000-11 700 tons

Image: Komatsu Automated Mining Dump Truck

Image: Komatsu PC5500-11 Excavator

Hitachi Construction Machinery Mining Machinery (Booth No. : 8525-C)

The official website of MINExpo indicates that Hitachi Construction & Mining Division is a division of John Deere Construction & Forestry Company and it is expected to join the exhibition with John Deere.

Sandvik (online exhibition hall)

The Sandvik company made a special virtual exhibition hall for this year’s MINExpo to allow visitors who cannot participate in the exhibition to gain a 360-degree perspective of the exhibition.

Image: Sandvik exhibits

Image: the underground mining equipment on display