Kobelco SK350-8 excavator is a Kobelco 35-ton -8 series excavator that overall quality is close to 35 tons(3.47t). It is equipped with HINO JO8E engine, with rated power of 197 kilowatts and bucket capacity of 1.6 cubic meters, which is suitable for the earthwork of construction sites and mines. Pursuing the “Three E’s”is the main feature of SK350-8, which refers to enhancement,economy and environment.

Enhancement – Greater performance capacity

  • The common rail fuel injection engine is electronically controlled more efficient
  • Powerful digging force

Economy – Improved cost efficiency

  • Lower fuel consumption
  • Lower maintenance costs

Environment – Reduce the noise

  • Improvement of the machine sound quality
  • Lower vibration and noise

Equipment Basic Specifications

Engine Model HINO Engine J08E-TM
Net Rated Power (kW/rpm) 196.9/2100
Cylinders 6
Bore (mm) 112
Stroke (mm) 130
Displacement (L) 7.684
Engine Type Direct injection, water-cooled, 4-cycle diesel engine with turbocharger, intercooler
Travel Speed (km/h) 5.6/3.3
Maximun Drawbar Pull (kN) 332
Brake System Hydraulically operated discs in each travel motor
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed (rpm) 10
Min.front swing radius (mm) 4370
Tail swing radius (mm) 3500
Hydraulic System
Main System – Max Flow (l/min) 2*294
Power Boost (Kgf/cm2) 385
Swing Circuits (Kgf/cm2) 296
Travel Circuits (Kgf/cm2) 350

Part Numbers Lookup

Part Names Part Numbers Links
Idler LC52D00032F1 Please contact us to get a quote
Track roller LC64D00005F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Track shoe, 800mm 2424N223  Please contact us to get a quote
Final drive ass’y LC15VU0001F1 https://www.fridayparts.com/travel-motor-gearbox-for-kobelco-sk350-8-excavator
Sprocket, 24t, 24 hole LC51DU1007P1  Please contact us to get a quote
Carrier roller 24100N7035F3 https://www.fridayparts.com/kobelco-sk350-carrier-roller
Oil filter 15607-2190 https://www.fridayparts.com/kobelco-sk230-8-oil-filter-15607-2190-6208
Fuel filter S2340-11830-A https://www.fridayparts.com/kobelco-sk200-8-fuel-filter-s2340-11830-a-6057
Air cleaner ass’y LC11P00018F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Gear pump ass’y YN10V00014F2 https://www.fridayparts.com/gear-pump-yn10v00014f2-yn10v00014f3-for-kobelco-excavator-sk215srlc-sk250lc-sk250lc-6e-sk260-sk290lc-sk290lc-6e-sk330lc-sk330lc-6e-sk350-8
Hydraulic pump ass’y LC10V00020F1 https://www.fridayparts.com/sk350-8-hydraulic-pump
Swing motor ass’y LC15V00022F1 https://www.fridayparts.com/kobelco-sk350-8-swing-motor-reducer-assemblyhttps://www.fridayparts.com/swing-motor-gearbox-for-kobelco-sk350-8-excavator
Control valve LC30V00028F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Radiator LC05P00043F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Hydraulic oil cooler LC05P00043S002 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-kobelco-excavator-sk350-8-hydraulic-oil-cooler
Alternator 270402500A https://www.fridayparts.com/kobelco-sk350-8-j08e-alternator
Cylinder head 11101-E0530  Please contact us to get a quote
Cylinder block 11401-E0201  Please contact us to get a quote
Muffler LC12P00014P2 https://www.fridayparts.com/muffler-silencer-for-kobelco-excavator-sk350-8-1
Grip ass’y YN03M01973F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Pedal YN55M00004F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Lever YN50M01051F1  Please contact us to get a quote
Monitor YN59S00021F2 https://www.fridayparts.com/monitor-display-screen-yn59s00021f2-for-kobelco-sk210dlc-8-sk260-sk235sr-2-sk485-8-sk210lc-8-sk350-8-sk170-8-k215srlc-sk210d-8-sk295-8
Cylinder head gasket S0401-04187 https://www.fridayparts.com/cylinder-head-gasket-for-hino-j08e-jo8e-engine-kobelco-sk350-8-excavator
Water pump 16100-E0070 https://www.fridayparts.com/for-kobelco-excavator-sk350-8-sk350-9-hino-j08e-engine-water-pump-16100-e0070
Oil pump VH22100E0020 https://www.fridayparts.com/high-pressure-diesel-oil-pump-vh22100e0020-for-kobelco-sk330-8-sk350-8-engine-j08e
Turbocharger S1760-E0200 https://www.fridayparts.com/turbocharger-s1760-e0200-764247-0001-for-kobelco-sk350-8-hino-engine-j08e
Solenoid Valve YN35V00049F1 https://www.fridayparts.com/solenoid-valve-yn35v00049f1-kwe5k-31-40c50-213-for-kobelco-excavator-200-8-ed150-sk210-8-sk350-8-sk485-8

Easily match the spare parts to the excavator by watching the video below.